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Cultural Ministers of Celac Countries Meet in Caracas

The Celac cultural summit in Caracas, on August 21st. (Minci: JR)

Last Thursday, the second annual meeting of the cultural ministers of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) was held in Caracas. 33 member states met to discuss their objective of fomenting cultural activity as a medium for social development. 

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The Parranda de San Pedro

(Manaure Quintero/CDO)

This week the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) added the Parranda de San Pedro to the Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The Parranda de San Pedro is a traditional festival celebrated in the towns of Guarenas and Guatire in Miranda state on the Feast Day of San Pedro.

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Venezuelan Culture on Display at Tourism Fair

Local art featured prominently at this year's Fitven (Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis).

Dancing devils, gourmet chocolate, shaman rituals and a plethora of local art were just a few treats on display for visitors to Venezuela's eighth annual tourism fair.

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Theatre Program Launched in Venezuelan Schools to Create “Culture of Peace”

Maduro at the Teresa Carreno Theatre in Caracas launching the Children’s and Youth Theatre Movement yesterday (Prensa Presiden

Yesterday the school program titled the “Cesar Rengifo” Children’s and Youth Theatre Movement was kicked off, as students returned to class for the new school year.

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Venezuela's New Culture Law Promotes “Decolonisation Thought”

The new culture fund will be used to promote indigenous heritage, along with other aspects of Venezuelan culture (Ryan Mallett-O

After seven years of planning and public consultation, Venezuela's National Assembly (AN) has passed a new law aimed to promote Venezuelan culture.

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Alternative Education Can Eliminate Corruption

Myriam Anzola (in blue) with the recent alternative pedagogy graduates (Leandro Irion)

Participatory education based on empowering students through their active involvement in their community is an essential tool for fighting corruption in the long term.


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What the corporate media won’t show you about Venezuela

Children running back to school in the small mountain town of Los Nevados, Merida state (Tamara Pearson /

While the corporate media here and overseas bangs on about Venezuela’s so called “crisis”, beautiful things are actually going down here and being boycotted by the media. This small collection of photos from the last week or so, from Merida and the rest of the country, is to illustrate that Venezuela, though experiencing some problems, attacks, and challenges, is far from a train wreck, and is actually a festival of creativity and organisation

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Caracas Celebrates One Year Anniversary of the Ruta Nocturna

(YVKE Mundial/LAY)

On 31 May, Caracas celebrated the one year anniversary of the Ruta Nocturna, an event organised by the government to promote nightlife in the city.

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Venezuela: Artists Form National Guitar Network

Venezuelan musicians

Venezuelan musicians and and cultural authorities formed a national guitar network on Wednesday, aimed at promoting the instrument nationwide.

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Chavez celebrated on streets of Caracas

Artists honour Hugo Chavez through street art in a bid to preserve his legacy.

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