Third Edition of Venezuela’s Progressive Theater Festival

The ten-day event featured more than 150 Venezuelan theater groups and invited companies from 20 other countries.
theater festival
An estimated 2000 artists took the stage. (Fesitpven)

Caracas, April 5, 2024 (venezuelanalysis.com) – The Venezuelan Ministry of Culture organized a new edition of its “Progressive Theater Festival” with hundreds of activities all across the country.

From March 21 to 31, Venezuelans were treated to 830 plays and workshops that featured nearly 2000 artists. While most of the activities took place in the capital Caracas, there were also events in all 23 Venezuelan states.

Culture Minister Ernesto Villegas praised the festival as an important event as the country “remains besieged by imperialism and the ultra-right.”

“Theater, and initiatives like this, help build a more humane path for our society,” Villegas said during the opening ceremony.

Alongside over 150 national theater groupings, there were invited participants from 20 countries as well. Cuba was the honored invitee for this edition. Most of the plays were free of charge, while a selected number charged 2-3$ per person.

The festival also included workshops and outdoor activities for children.