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20 Years of Anti-Imperialist Journalism

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In September 2003, shortly after the coup against Hugo Chávez and the ensuing oil sabotage, Gregory Wilpert and Martín Sánchez founded Venezuelanalysis. They understood that the biased narratives of the mainstream media were promoting regime change. An English-language counterweight with an anti-imperialist perspective was urgently needed.

That’s how producing on-the-ground news became a steadfast commitment for the Venezuelanalysis Team… and we have been at it for two decades! Through coup attempts, violent street protests, diplomatic assaults, and economic warfare, VA has consistently delivered independent but committed coverage. Yet, our work extends beyond the headlines. We curate columns, carry out interviews, and produce in-depth videos, infographics, and a monthly podcast while we place the spotlight on grassroots and communal movements. In so doing, we provide you with tools to understand the vibrance of the Bolivarian revolutionary project.

Venezuelanalysis is a dynamic outlet. Our team is constantly producing content and seeking new avenues to spread Venezuela’s subversive truths. Most recently, we revamped our website and published A War Without Bombs, a book that examines the deadly impact of the US sanctions on Venezuela.

As we celebrate our 20th-anniversary, we are asking for your support. Your donation to Venezuelanalysis will help us maintain our production and scale up our work. In the next few months, we plan to expand our audiovisual content, revamp the coverage of special events (i.e. elections) and increase our reporting and commentary on current affairs. We will also be producing yearly book titles focused on Venezuela and taking a leap forward in our social media presence.

Please consider making a one-time donation or becoming a monthly subscriber. No amount is too small! Also, if you are able to donate $60 or more, if you become a monthly sustainer at $10/month or more, or if you raise your current suscription, we will send you a copy of our educational A War Without Bombs book!