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(Rachael Boothroyd Rojas/Venezuelanalysis)

Make No Mistake: There is a media blockade against Venezuela

Whichever news agency you check, be it the BBC, the Washington Post, CNN, or any other corporate outlet, you will find the same, uniform consensus in their Venezuela coverage. 

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Why is Venezuela in Crisis Again?
It Takes a Lot More Than Votes to Govern
"The Violence Will be Retweeted"
New Book Offers Timely Rejoinder to Hugo Chavez Bashing in Media

Venezuela in images

Saturday's Unrest: Guarimba Violence vs. Chavista Salsa Therapy - This weekend, Venezuela witnessed two distinct mobilizations: one peacefully favoring the Bolivarian process and the other, bent on its demise, taking to the streets in violent protest.


Has Maduro Really Dissolved the National Assembly in Venezuela?

Is it true that Venezuela's legislative branch has been eliminated in one fell swoop? The short and long answers are: no, not quite.

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Economic Indicators

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This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here

Luis Almagro: Regime Change Apostle?
“Afro-Venezuelans Deserve Reparations that go Beyond the Symbolic”
Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution Embraces its African Roots
Venezuela's Women's Ministry: Working to Reverse Damage Done by Capitalist Patriarchy


Afro-descendent rights activist and Executive Director of the Institute of African Diaspora Studies (IEA), Francisco Tovar. (cou

“Afro-Venezuelans Deserve Reparations that go Beyond the Symbolic”

On the 163rd anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Venezuela, Francisco Tovar, Executive Director of the Institute of African Diaspora Studies (IEA) talks to VA about systemic racism, the challenges facing the Afro-Venezuelan population today, and his new book on comparative abolitionist processes in Venezuela, Colombia and the US. 

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