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Venezuelan VP Tareck El Aissami. (Archive)

Venezuelan VP Releases Open Letter to US Treasury as Parliament Demands Resignation

Venezuelan Vice-President Tareck El Aissami published an open letter to the US Treasury Department in the New York Times Tuesday in which he lambasted the body’s recent drug trafficking accusations as an attempt to further derail bilateral relations.

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Opinion & Analysis

Venezuelan VP Tareck-El-Aissami (left) and US President Donald Trump (right). (TeleSUR English).

Trump, Like Obama and Bush, Pursues 'Regime Change' in Venezuela

The U.S. government's targeting of Venezuela's vice president is just the latest episode in ongoing attempts to subvert Venezuelan democracy, argues TeleSUR's Joe Emesberger. 

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Venezuela in images

Venezuela Commemorates 200th Birthday of Ezequiel Zamora with Civic-Military Parade - Thousands of Venezuelans marched in Caracas' historic Los Proceres park to mark 200 years since the birth of "the people's general".