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Dr. José Losacco Romero (AVN/Rosalia Bareto).

Venezuela’s Decolonial School: Rethinking Revolutionary Horizons Beyond Modernity

In this exclusive interview, the coordinator of Venezuela's first Decolonial School, Dr. José Losacco Romero, elaborates on the need to transcend the civilisational project inherent in 20th Century Socialism and explains how that space is being opened up from within the ranks of critical Chavismo.  

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Various Flavors of Fake News about Venezuela
What is Behind the TV Series on Hugo Chavez?
Are the CLAPs an Effective Measure to Combat Shortages in Venezuela?

Venezuela in images

Venezuela Showcases International Musical Talent at Latest Festival - Venezuela recently hosted the International Music Festival, part of the country's larger strategy to build the cultural revolution within the Bolivarian process.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. (Mike Licht / Flickr)

The Venezuelan Opposition’s “Birther” Problem

In its eagerness to compare Trump to Hugo Chávez, the media has willfully overlooked the rotten Trumpian soul of the very Venezuelan opposition, argues VA's Lucas Koerner. 

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Economic Indicators

Chart graphic

This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here

Is Venezuela Really Dictatorship?
Steve Ellner Part II: Is the Bolivarian Revolution a Populist Failure?
Steve Ellner: Democratization of PSUV is Key to Chavismo’s Future
Is Venezuela on the Verge of a Another Coup?


Cap: CLAPs distribute food directly to communities. (Archive)

Are the CLAPs an Effective Measure to Combat Shortages in Venezuela?

Commune leader Atenea Jimenez reviews the successes and shortcomings of Venezuela's Local Provision and Production Committees (CLAPS) that provide direct house to house food distribution to communities based on evaluated need. 

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