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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. (Mike Licht / Flickr)

The Venezuelan Opposition’s “Birther” Problem

In its eagerness to compare Trump to Hugo Chávez, the media has willfully overlooked the rotten Trumpian soul of the very Venezuelan opposition, argues VA's Lucas Koerner. 

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Is Venezuela Really Dictatorship?
Agreement for the Restitution of the Constitutional Order in Venezuela
Media Deliberately Omits Critical Info to Demonize Venezuela
No, Donald Trump is Not Hugo Chávez

Venezuela in images

Chavismo Marches to Defend Revolution against Rightwing Onslaught - On Tuesday, Chavistas took to the streets of Caracas en masse following an attempt to bring impeachment proceedings against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro by the opposition-held legislature. 

(Ryan Mallett-Outtrim)

Is Venezuela Really Dictatorship?

International media's indictments of Venezuela as a dictatorship ignore basic facts, says Ryan Mallet-Outtrim. 

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Economic Indicators

Chart graphic

This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here

Steve Ellner Part II: Is the Bolivarian Revolution a Populist Failure?
Steve Ellner: Democratization of PSUV is Key to Chavismo’s Future
Is Venezuela on the Verge of a Another Coup?


Professor Steve Ellner. (Ángel Dejesús)

Steve Ellner: Democratization of PSUV is Key to Chavismo’s Future

Distinguished Venezuelan history and politics professor Steve Ellner examines the current state of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution at the crossroads of a deep economic crisis and an opposition-led presidential recall effort. 

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