Venezuela Holds Progressive Theater Festival

The initiative drew large crowds and showcased plays from 13 countries.

Caracas, August 10, 2022 (venezuelanalysis.com) – The Venezuelan Ministry of Culture organized the “International Festival of Progressive Theater” (FITP) from July 29 to August 7.

The large-scale event had 91 plays in total, 73 of them from Venezuelan ensembles and 18 from international ones. There were theater troupes from 12 other countries. Though most of the presentations took place in and around the capital Caracas, there were also displays in 13 other states.

Besides theater plays, the festival likewise included workshops and activities for children.

The curtain came down on Sunday with a play about Latin American independence heroin Manuela Sáenz at the Municipal Theater in Caracas.

During the closing ceremony, Culture Minister Ernesto Villegas praised all those involved in the event and claimed that it “placed Venezuela at the vanguard of performing arts.”

Villegas went on to say that the festival was seen as part of the commemorations of the 30th anniversary of the failed February 4, 1992 insurrection and the popular defeat of the 2002 coup against then President Hugo Chávez.

He stated that the “progressive” label was a nod to leftist governments that have taken power in Latin America recently and added that cultural initiatives, theater in particular, would continue in the coming months.