Venezuela Celebrates Cultural Traditions with Massive Festival

The "Viva Venezuela World Festival" features hundreds of Venezuelan artists and creators to promote the country's culture.
The Viva Venezuela World Festival will continue until May 19 with displays in Caracas as well as Miranda and La Guaira states.

Caracas, May 13, 2024 (venezuelanalysis.com) – The “Viva Venezuela World Festival” got underway on Friday with a blockbuster event in Caracas.

The 40,000-seat Simón Bolívar Monumental Stadium in Venezuela’s capital hosted a concert and a range of artistic expressions from different regions of the Caribbean nation. Some of Venezuela’s most cherished traditions, such as the Corpus Christi Dancing Devils, were on display.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro addressed the crowd and stated that the festival was a celebration of the country’s “values and identity.”

“We are raising our nation’s beautiful culture against the invasive processes of foreign transculturation,” he said. “But our values are the vaccine against the cultural distortion brought by Western capitalism.”

The cultural initiative will continue until May 19, with artistic presentations, fairs and workshops across Caracas as well as La Guaira and Miranda states. Government spokespeople have pledged to replicate the process around the country. Apart from dozens of Venezuelan groups, the festival also features guest artists from 20 countries.

The “Viva Venezuela World Festival” was organized as part of the recently launched “Viva Venezuela” social mission. The Venezuelan government explained that the program aims to protect and promote the nation’s cultural heritage while likewise providing more support for cultural producers.

(Photos by Roiner Ross, Francisco González, Marcos Colina, Luigino Bracci and press agencies. A more extensive gallery is available at the Alba Ciudad website)