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Lilian Tintori Criticises Venezuelan Human Rights Record in Mexican Senate

Lilian Tintori in the Mexican senate (El Universal)

Lilian Tintori, the wife of jailed rightwing political leader Leopoldo Lopez shot to the centre of a diplomatic foray this week, after publicly slandering the Venezuelan government’s human rights record in Mexico. 

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National Assembly Pushes Ahead with Amnesty Law

Members of the MUD opposition coalition, including Leopoldo Lopez's wife Lilian Tintori, demand amnesty from the National A

On Thursday Venezuela’s opposition controlled National Assembly officially accepted a proposal to pass an Amnesty Law that could lead to the release of tens of violent opposition protesters currently in jail. 

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Venezuela Denies Strip Search Allegations by Lilian Tintori, Rejects Paraguayan Interference

Lilian Tintori (archives)

The Venezuelan government has rejected allegations by Lilian Tintori that she was strip searched during a visit to her husband, jailed right-wing politician Leopoldo López at Ramo Verde prison.

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Venezuelan Opposition Accepts Supreme Court Ruling, Introduces Law Privatizing Housing Mission

Venezuela's National Assembly. (Archive)

Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly agreed Tuesday to recognize a Supreme Court (TSJ) ruling temporarily suspending four representatives from Amazonas state pending investigation into alleged electoral irregularities. Opposition legislators also introduced a law to privatize the country's Great Venezuelan Housing Mission. 


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OAS's Almagro Threatens to Apply Democratic Charter against Venezuela

OAS General-Secretary Luis Almagro. (archive)

Organization of American States (OAS) General-Secretary Luis Almagro has demanded that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reverse a recent Supreme Court ruling suspending four legislators from Amazonas state over alleged voting irregularities.

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Legislators Present New Evidence of Irregularities in Venezuela’s National Assembly Elections

PSUV lawmaker, Hector Rodriguez, revealed the videos on Tuesday morning (AVN)

During a press conference this morning, socialist legislator Hector Rodriguez presented a series of videos and audio recordings as evidence in an ongoing Supreme Court case that has cast doubt on the validity of the Dec 6th election results.

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Venezuelan Supreme Court: “National Assembly is Void”

Venezuela’s National Assembly has been declared void by the country’s Supreme Court (EFE)

Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) has ruled that the country’s National Assembly is void, after the legislative body violated a previous court order by swearing in three temporarily suspended legislators.

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Venezuelan Opposition Swears in Suspended Deputies to Parliament

The opposition's decision to swear in three suspended legislators this Wednesday violates a decision made by the Supreme Co

Three members of the right-wing MUD coalition and one from the socialist PSUV alliance from the state of Amazonas were suspended after a Supreme Court decision.

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Venezuela’s Socialists Walk Out after Incoming Opposition Legislators Violate Procedures

Newly elected legislators have been sworn in. (Photo: teleSUR)

Venezuela’s National Assembly for the 2016-2021 term was sworn in today at 11 AM, in a ceremony that marked a new political era for the legislative body. Two-thirds of the incoming legislators belong to the country’s rightwing opposition.

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Venezuelan Opposition Elects Henry Ramos Allup to Lead National Assembly Ahead of Swearing-In Ceremony

From left to right: Henry Ramos Allup, Jesús Torrealba, Julio Borges. (Photo: Henry Delgado, El Nacional)

On Sunday, two days before the Venezuelan parliament was due to be sworn in, the opposition held elections to choose the next president of the National Assembly, which will see a significant power shift today after the opposition takes nearly two-thirds of the house seats.

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Venezuelan Supreme Court Suspends Swearing in of 4 Incoming Legislators

The Venezuelan Supreme Court’s ruling temporarily scuppers the opposition’s legislative powers within the National Assembly

Venezuela’s Supreme Court officially suspended the swearing in of four incoming legislators on Tuesday pending investigations of voting irregularities in Amazonas state. 

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Venezuelan National Assembly Approves New Supreme Court Magistrates and Historic Grassroots Seed Law

Venezuela's National Assembly. (archive)

This Wednesday, Venezuela’s outgoing National Assembly approved 13 judges to the Supreme Court and passed the long-awaited “Anti-GMO and Anti-Patenting Seed Law”. 

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Venezuela Rejects Statement by Argentina's President

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez (L) attends the Summit of Heads of State of Mercosur, Paraguay, Dec. 21, 2015.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez rebutted claims by Argentine President Mauricio Macri of human rights violations in Venezuela, accusing the newly elected leader of double standards in repressing peaceful protest in his own country.

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US to Accuse Head of Venezuelan Military of Drug Trafficking

Nestor Reverol, the then-Director of the National Drug Office (ONA), talks to the media during a meeting in Caracas, January 11,

According to multiple reports, US prosecutors are preparing to unveil drug trafficking charges against Nestor Reverol, the head of Venezuela’s National Guard.

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Catholic Church Backs Opposition on Approval of Controversial Amnesty Law

Cardinal Urosa Sabino has backed the MUD over its proposed amnesty law (Aporrea)

The Catholic Church in Venezuela has waded into the controversial debate on the opposition’s electoral promise to pass an “Amnesty Law” on gaining a two-third majority in the country’s parliament.  

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