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Analysis: Opposition

Interview with Luis Britto Garcia, “The Blockades have Reduced and the Opposition is Divided”

Luis Britto Garcia (Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlings)

In this interview, Venezuelan journalist and writer, Luis Britto Garcia, observes a growing division within the Venezuelan opposition, and he analyses the work of Gene Sharp, a US political scientist, and his theory of “soft coups”.

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Where's This Dialogue Going?

President Maduro addresses opposition representatives at the roundtable of the first peace talk in Miraflores presidential palac

Venezuelan author and journalist Jose Roberto Duque reflects on Thursday’s live broadcast “peace talk” between the Venezuelan government and the opposition in Miraflores presidential palace.

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Venezuela: The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

(Etten Carvallo/Ciudad CCS)

After over a month of violence explicitly aimed at ousting the Maduro government, major media outlets and governments in the North Atlantic are blind to the bad faith of the opposition.

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Venezuela Shows that Protest Can Be a Defence of Privilege

'Despite claims that the government is waging a terror campaign, the evidence suggests a majority have been killed by oppos

If we didn't know it before, the upsurge in global protest in the past couple of years has driven home the lesson that mass demonstrations can have entirely different social and political meanings.

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How to Fight the Fascist Offensive in Venezuela

Police vehicles torched in February (Archive)

What has to be done to put an end to the violent escalation in Venezuela? 

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USAID Subversion in Latin America Not Limited to Cuba

Woman using cellphone in Havana

The “ZunZuneo” project, which the Associated Press reports was “aimed at undermining Cuba's communist government,” was overseen by USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI). AP describes OTI as “a division that was created after the fall of the Soviet Union to promote U.S. interests in quickly changing political environments — without the usual red tape.” Its efforts to undermine the Cuban government are not unusual, however, considering the organization’s track record in other countries in the region.

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Venezuela Protests are Sign that US Wants our Oil, Says Nicolás Maduro [Interview, video]

Nicolas Maduro

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Venezuela's president claims the Obama administration is fomenting unrest with the aim of provoking a Ukraine-style 'slow-motion' coup.

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Venezuela Backlash: Protesters’ Tactics Cause Support to Wane

Opponents of Venezuela’s socialist government stand guard at a street barricade in the provincial capital of Mérida. (Ryan Ma

“Lights out! Whoever doesn’t turn out their lights will have their apartment stoned!” The cry rang out at 9pm, and residents of a set of apartment blocks near the center of Mérida, a provincial capital in the Venezuelan Andes, shuttered down for the night. 

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The KKK and Other Grassroots Movements

An anti-government protester shouts at police officers during a march against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in Caracas on

Venezuela isn’t as divided as its right-wing opposition would have you believe.

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Low Intensity War Challenges National Independence of Venezuela


Over the past six weeks the so called salida ya [exit now] strategy launched by the Venezuelan opposition has developed, in part, into a low intensity war against the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro. 

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Mercal Shooting Highlights Class Polarization, Psychologists Fear “Fractured Coexistence”

Venezuelans wait in line to buy food at Mercal. (Archive)

Over the weekend, a panel of psychologists convened to discuss the societal tension that has built up since violent protest broke out in Venezuela, in February. They determined that dialogue-friendly spaces and a feeling of general safety have been compromised dramatically. The fatal shooting of a woman waiting on line to buy food Saturday highlighted fiercely clashing responses through social media as each political sector interpreted the tragedy as proof of their own worst fears.

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Why the Media Are Giving a Free Pass to Venezuela’s Neo-Fascist Creeps

Luis García Britto (Carlos Garcia Rawlins/ Reuters)

Roberto Lovato speaks with Luis Britto García about the role of the media in the current political conflict in Venezuela.

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Beware Venezuela’s False ‘Anarchists’: Unmasking El Libertario

(Christian Veron/Reuters)

Not everyone who calls themselves anarchists are worthy of the name.

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The Deceptive Use of the Phrase “Peaceful Protests” in Venezuela

One of several large opposition protests that took place in Mérida at the peak of the unrest in February. (Ewan Robertson/Venez

The term “peaceful protests” is misleading if not deceptive.

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Interview with Ex-CIA Collaborator: “The CIA’s Plans in Venezuela Are Far Advanced”

Raúl Capote (Chavez vive magazine)

In a recent interview in Havana, a former CIA collaborator, Cuban Raúl Capote, revealed the strategy of the CIA in Venezuelan universities to create the kind of destabilizing opposition student movement the country is currently facing. He also discusses media manipulation, and alleges that one of the U.S. diplomats that President Maduro expelled from Venezuela last September was in fact a CIA agent.

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