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From Exile to Radicalization in Venezuela - Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself

Paul Jay interviews Edgardo Lander on Reality Asserts Itself.

In an interview with the Real News Network, Edgardo Lander, author and professor of social sciences at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas, puts Venezuela’s current unrest in context by reviewing modern history- starting with his upbringing as a child of political exiles in 1948. Parts 1 and 2 of 4.

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Interview with Mark Weisbrot: Will Venezuela's New Floating Exchange Rate Curb Inflation?

Will Venezuela's New Floating Exchange Rate Curb Inflation?

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What's Really Going On in Venezuela

Video outlining the general situation and forces at play in the current situation in Venezuela, February/March 2014

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Message from Bolivarian Students to the Homeland and World

Bolivarian Students

23 of March, 2014. Venezuelan students who support the Bolivarian Revolution speak out against recent oppositional violence, and urge the nation's youth to think for themselves in the midst of the media-backed polarization.

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Huffington Post Live Interview with Ewan Robertson: Latest on Venezuela’s Unrest

An interview on 20 March with’s Ewan Robertson about the latest developments in Venezuela.

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Mi Amigo Hugo (full length film)

oliver stone hugo chavez

"Mi Amigo Hugo" by filmmaker Oliver Stone is a gathering of testimonies of family, friends, intellectuals and politicians who honor and remember Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, leader of the Bolivarian Revolution and forerunner of the integration process throughout Latin American and the Caribbean in the 21st century. Broadcasted on TeleSur TV before actual release date.

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Venezuelan Community Pie del Tiro Confronts Protestors, Barricades

This video shows members of the Pie del Tiro community in the city of Mérida, Venezuela, trying to prevent violent opposition activists from barricading them into their community, after the government and community members cleared the barricades the day before.

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Real News Network Discussion: Venezuela One Year After Chavez's Passing

Latin American studies professor Miguel Tinker Salas and journalist Ewan Robertson discuss the presidency of Hugo Chavez and the current state of opposition protests.

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Venezuelan Anti-Government Protests Lack Support from the Barrios

Lisa Sullivan & Ryan Mallett-Outtrim report from Venezuela that the country's anti government protests are continuing with no end in sight but continue to lack appeal in low income neighbourhoods.

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Real News Network Discussion: Venezuela Opposition Boycotts Maduro-Backed Peace Conference As Unrest Continues

Alexander Main & Miguel Tinker Salas argue that Venezuela opposition protests do not include broad segments of the population and are aimed at destabilizing the elected government of Nicholas Maduro.

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Understanding Venezuela’s Opposition Protests and Economy: An Interview with Gregory Wilpert (Parts 1 & 2)

The Real News speaks to founder Gregory Wilpert about the reasons behind the opposition protests in Venezuela. In the second part of the interview, they discuss Venezuela's current economic problems.

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GCAS Interventions: Clashes in the Streets of Venezuela

What is behind the violent clashes that have been taking place in the streets of Venezuela? This and other questions will be discussed with a panel of scholars and activists.

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Venezuelan right-wing actions follow Gene Sharp's soft coup theory

The actions that were perpetrated by some Venezuelan right-wing opposition sectors over the past days are following the parameters of philosopher and political scientist Gene Sharp's "soft-coup" theory, which consists of overthrowing governments through non-violent methods.

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Venezuelan Protests & Maduro’s Rocky Tenure: Interview with Mark Weisbrot

Economist Mark Wiesbrot speaks to CCTV America about the recent opposition protests and violent clashes in Venezuela.

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Venezuela seeks to consolidate its model of higher education

Venezuela seeks to consolidate its model of university education, according to data from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the South American country has the fifth highest number in the world of students enrolled in higher education.

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