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Chávez The Radical IX: The Battle to Convince

Chávez in the rain

Chavez The Radical IX portrays community leaders conversing with their neighbors outdoors or in community centers. During the Chavez government, such spaces for community organizing and public engagement proliferated, driven by active community leaders and encouraged consistently by the government through laws such as the Communal Council Law of 2006, which granted public funds to community councils comprised of families that democratically elected a local assembly and demonstrated financial transparency.

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Chávez The Radical X: No More Privatizations

Chávez in the rain

“Chávez The Radical X” features excerpts from his speech upon taking office for his second term in 2007. He outlines his proposal for a constitutional reform in order to close loopholes that could allow business interests to surreptitiously privatize the state oil company, PDVSA, through third party contractors. He says that closing these loopholes is important because, even though he as president would never privatize PDVSA, the movement toward socialism must be able to endure beyond his presidency. This speech demonstrates Chávez’s long-term vision and commitment to sovereign and democratic control of natural resources.

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Chávez The Radical II

Opposition holds Public Consultation to Reject the Upcoming ANC Elections

Photo:  Opposition members burning consultation registeries

Last Sunday the Democratic Unity Roundtable held an informal consultation to demonstrate their rejection of the upcoming National Constituent Assembly (ANC) elections to be held on the 30th of July.  This was organized parallel to the call by the National Electoral Council for an electoral drill for the same ANC elections.

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Massive Participation in Rehearsal for Constituent Assembly Elections

Photo:  July 16, 2017 Electoral drill in Barquisimeto, State of Lara

On Sunday, the 16th of July, the National Electoral Council of Venezuela held a rehearsal for the upcoming elections of the National Constituent Assembly to be held on July 30th. The electoral centers were flooded with people, the majority Chavista, due to a parallel call made by the opposition for an informal consultation, organized precisely to reject the upcoming elections.

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Abby Martin: World Ignores Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests

Abby Martin. (screenshot)

Renowned journalist Abby Martin talks to The Real News about her recent time in Venezuela, where she became the target of a rightwing harassment campaign for covering the opposition's violent actions in the country's ongoing unrest. 

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Venezuela's Grassroots Debate Constituent Assembly


Venezuela's social movements are holding popular assemblies across the country to debate proposals for a new constitution in response to President Nicolas Maduro's move to convene a National Constituent Assembly earlier this month. 

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Venezuelan Revolutionaries Demand "Truly Communal State"

Venezuela has around 1500 communes nationwide. (AVN)

Thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas to demand constitutional recognition of the country's commune movement as part of the National Constituent Assembly. 

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Opposition March on May Day, Ends in Violence

Opposition march on Mayday lacked participation of working class and ended in vi

The Venezuelan opposition's march to demand the removal of the national government was the focus of international media coverage this May Day. Nonetheless, the demonstration was marked by poor turn-out from working class sectors and marred by acts of violence. 

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The Corporate Media's Forgotten March: Chavismo Mobilizes on IWD 2017

Working class Chavismo marched en Caracas on Mayday in support of Maduro

On International Workers' Day, hundreds of thousands of workers flooded into the Avenida Bolivar of Venezuela's capital to celebrate the advances of workers' rights under the Bolivarian Revolution, as well as in support of Venezuela's first worker-president, Nicolas Maduro, against mounting attacks from the domestic opposition. 

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