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Massive Pro and Anti Government Protests in Venezuela

VA reporter Lucas Koerner. (screenshot)

The Real News speaks to VA's Lucas Koerner on the huge pro-government and opposition marches in Caracas on April 19th.

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Venezuela's Opposition Marches, April 19th 2017

An opposition demonstrator. (Rachael Boothroyd Rojas/Venezuelanalysis)

VA reports from the opposition march this past April 19th.

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VA EXCLUSIVE REPORT - Ali Primera Residents Speak Out on Murder of 14 Year Old Boy in Opposition Violence

Residents protest Principal's killing. (screenshot)

The government built Gran Misión Venezuela housing project, Alí Primera, located to the north of Barquisimeto in the state of Lara, was in mourning this past Wednesday, April 12th, after the announcement of the death of 14 year old boy, Brayan Principal Gimenez, who was shot the previous night by bullets coming from a violent protest led by opposition members in the adjacent private communities, Yucatán and Hacienda Yucatán.

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Opposition Protests in Venezuela Lead to Six Deaths

VA's Lucas Koerner. (screenshot)

VA's Lucas Koerner talks to the Real News about the ongoing opposition-led violent protests in Venezuela.

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Women defend Venezuela against OAS Aggression

Women's Anti-Imperialist Trial against aggressiones from the OAS

Venezuelan women present during anti-imperialist rally give their opinions on the position of Luis Almagro and the OAS, and the Supreme Court's decision to hold the National Assembly in contempt.

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EPSDC Proletarios Uníos, 4 years of worker control

EPSDC Proletarios Uníos, 4 years of worker control

4 years ago, in March of 2013, workers from the illegally closed Brahma beer factory, took over the installations of the plant located in Barquisimeto, in the state of Lara, Venezuela. After two years of resistance within the factory, the worker's organized with the Comuna José Pío Tamayo to create a communally owned company "Proletarios Uníos" where they have spent the last 2 years, building up a new structure of production and distribution together with popular power, that has put them in the vanguard in the struggle against the economic war and to build a new sovereign economy in the hands of the people.

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Why has Venezuela’s Supreme Court Assumed Legislative Power?

CLAP: Venezuela's Latest Food Distribution and Production Initiative

A look at how the government's Local Food Production and Provision Committees (CLAPs) are operating in Barquisimeto, Lara.

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Venezuelans Participate in International Women's Day Strike 8M

VA attended International Women's Day events in Barquisimeto, Lara state, that highlight key demands of the Venezuelan women's and feminist movements.



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Join "Inside the Bolivarian Revolution" Delegation with VA

Venezuelans gather outside of a political formation part of the Panapana Commune, Miranda State. (PSUV Miranda)

Join for our August 2017 delegation, "Inside the Bolivarian Revolution".

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Venezuela’s Latest Victory in Exxon Case?

US Lawmakers Demand Trump Act on Venezuela

Venezuela's LGBTQ Movement Fights for Marriage Equality

Land Occupation! Venezuelan Commune Negro Miguel Occupies Unproductive Ranch

Communards occupy the unused ranch. (Javier Escalona)

On January 4, 2017, the Venezuelan commune Negro Miguel in Lara state exercised its legal right to occupy an unproductive ranch belonging to the presumptive wife of ex-Socialist Party mayor and air force captain Luis Plazas. Find out how the communards are resisting national security forces and pushing forward their plans for the land in this video report.

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