The Truth Is Subversive! Support Venezuelanalysis

Venezuelanalysis is almost 20 years old! To celebrate we want to share with you a neat infographic that explains our grassroots journalism and how you can support us.

From our very foundation, we have battled against corporate media’s dishonest reporting that looks to endorse Washington’s colonialist foreign policy. From deadly sanctions to the robbery of Venezuelan gold reserves, western outlets have blood on their hands, probably just as much as US officials.

At Venezuelananlysis, we have employed all our skills and efforts to expose mainstream media lies. Our rigorous on-the-ground reporting portrays Venezuela’s reality as it is and not as Washington wants you to perceive it. We also have top-notch Twitter hot takes to keep you updated as soon as lies start flying around.

There are reasons for hope. Venezuela has heroically resisted the US blockade and kept the Bolivarian Process alive despite the suffering the people have gone through under an economic siege that has no expiration date. However, we have zero expectations when it comes to western media propaganda. These pro-imperialist outlets march in lockstep with Washington after all.

Our team is prepared to continue battling, but we need your help! For over 19 years our independent reporting has survived thanks to the solidarity of readers like you who are committed to defending the truth and supporting the Venezuelan people’s right to sovereignty.

Please visit this link to learn about all the different ways in which you can help us and remember that no donation is too small!

(Click here to download the full infographic)