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In this fast-changing world of ours, there are very few constants left. But one of them, unfortunately, is US regime-change efforts against Venezuela. After cycling through coup attempts and street insurrections, Washington settled on a weapon of choice: unilateral economic sanctions.

In recent years, the US Treasury has levied coercive measures left and right. From food imports to banking to the oil industry, virtually no sector is left untouched. The goal was clear and sometimes publicly disclosed: to cause as much pain and death as needed to overthrow the Maduro government.

Sanctions have taken a huge toll, severely worsening food insecurity and mass migration, but there is one thing Beltway bureaucrats always overlook: solidarity. Under the toughest conditions, Venezuelan popular organizations did not sit idly by. Communes and other grassroots groups have found ways to survive, even flourish, to show that surrendering to the market and to imperialism is far from the only option.

On the international front, solidarity movements have also been tireless in opposing and denouncing the US-led economic war on the Venezuelan people, and their work begins to bear fruit. Even in Washington’s House of Representatives, some US politicians have joined multilateral organizations in demanding an end to unilateral coercive measures.

Despite the increased pressure, the Biden administration is yet to change one comma in its predecessor's sanctions program... even amidst a global pandemic! All the while, mainstream media outlets in the Global North go out of their way to cheerlead Washington’s murderous foreign policy instead of reporting on the growing calls to end it.

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That’s where Venezuelanalysis comes in. Our on-the-ground news, analysis, interviews and multimedia pieces counter and challenge the corporate media narrative on a daily basis. In particular, we have looked to produce content that will help the English-speaking audience understand sanctions and their deadly consequences, as well as give solidarity activists “weapons” for their struggle. We’ve likewise strived to give a voice to the Bolivarian grassroots which are always silenced and ignored by corporate journalists, as well as cover the responses and policies of the (demonized) Venezuelan government under such difficult circumstances.

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Abby Martin

Venezuelanalysis has always been my go-to source to get the truth about Venezuela from the people's perspective. It is a 100% donor-funded, grassroots organization that tells you the other side of the story. Supporting their work is needed now more than ever. Please donate to Venezuelanalysis to keep their voice alive.

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One part of the defence against imperialism is the media project Venezuelanalysis. To support the website is to help it offer a robust sense of the Bolivarian Project. It provides an avenue to undermine the information war that is beamed from Washington. So help support Venezuelanalysis. It is one thing to criticize imperialism, it is another to help build an alternative.

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Venezuelanalysis one of the best, if not the best outlet to get news on Venezuela. It's a phenomenal source! It helps fight against the endless barrage of propaganda coming from all of our corporate media sources. If you want real, legit information on what's happening in Venezuela, then go to VA and help support them. 

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In the United States we get almost no news about what's going on in the rest of the world, especially what our government is doing to interfere in other countries. That's why it's so important to support Venezuelanalysis so we can really learn what's going on in Venezuela, the role our government is playing and organize people to stop US intervention.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

“ has regularly provided very useful description, analysis, and commentary on developments in Venezuela, rarely available in the US or the West generally, and valuable for a balanced understanding not only of Venezuela but of Latin American generally in the current very exciting phase of its history.”

Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal

"While mainstream media functions as a Mighty Wurlitzer for Washington's planned recolonization of Latin America, Venezuelanalysis is pushing back with slashing, independent journalism. Venezuelanalysis not only offers readers the crucial political context denied to them in the pages of the Washington Post and New York Times, it exposes them to the revolutionary reality that is still living and breathing - but under sustained assault - in Venezuela today."

John Pilger

John Pilger

"Never has a country, its people, its politics, its leader, its myths and truths been so misreported and lied about as Venezuela in the past decade. Not only has Venezuelanalysis done much to correct this with its scrupulous attention to facts, both obvious and concealed, it has opened up a unique space for genuine critique of one of the world's most imaginative popular movements. I can't think of another website on the web more deserving of support."

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Marta Harnecker

"Venezuelanalysis has been an essential tool not just for those trying to keep up to date with developments in the Bolivarian revolution, but also because it provides an invaluable space for critical discussion about the process. This is particularly important given the role that the media plays in opposing the advances of the people. For this reason alone, the Venezuelan revolution needs websites like this, which in turn need your support to keep going."

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John Bellamy Foster

"For years has been the gold standard in reporting on Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. Its independent, critical reporting is always balanced and provides far more in the way of in-depth information and insights on Venezuela and other ALBA nations than any other single English-language source. It is notable in giving voice to grassroots movements. With so much distortion in the U.S.-dominated international media,'s continuing public role is essential. Recent attempts by Facebook to take down the facebook page are therefore a grave concern. With Venezuela increasingly subject to economic sanctions imposed by Washington, it is all more essential that this independent voice be preserved. Please support this indispensable outlet."

Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali

"Venezuelanalysis has been an indispensable source for many of us for well over a decade."