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It’s no secret that 2015 has been the toughest year yet for the Bolivarian Revolution. 

Early on in the year the Obama administration slapped several Venezuelan officials with fresh sanctions, and invoked an executive order to designate Venezuela as a “threat” to US national security. Despite a campaign by the Venezuelan grassroots and leading international intellectuals - Obama has failed to rescind the imperialist decree. 

At home, the economic war has continued unabated against the lifeblood of ordinary Venezuelans - and the government has stalled in presenting a convincing response. 

General fatigue amongst the population and grassroots movements translated to the revolution’s most staggering loss yet at the ballot box for the December 6th legislative elections, when the opposition took away 112 seats and a qualified super majority in the country’s legislature. In part, thanks to mass Chavista abstention. 

Then, just as the year is drawing to a close, “something moved in the depths of Chavismo,” as former Minister of Culture, Renaildo Iturizza put it.

Since the debilitating victory of the opposition on December 6th, the country has witnessed a renewed explosion of popular power. Five million Chavistas mobilising in assemblies, marches, meetings with the president and taking to the streets to wrest control over the direction of this revolutionary process. 

Venezuela’s 21st century socialism story has only just begun.

If hesitation and uncertainty defined 2015, this revolutionary sentiment promises to mark 2016 as a dynamic year for the revolution - but it will also be taking place in the middle of a political war. Rightwing interests, who in less than two weeks will become kingmakers in the country’s national assembly, have promised to rollback the revolution’s achievements and muffle independent and community media - as is already being done by the new rightwing Macri government in Argentina. 

As the only critical, independent and progressive website in English dedicated entirely to reporting dynamics on the ground in Venezuela, Venezuelanalysis is clearly more crucial than ever.

This coming year we want to redesign our website to make it more accessible and branch into multimedia - providing more video reports and photo galleries for our readers - as well as increase our writing team on the ground. 

The Venezuelan experience resonates from Baltimore, to Athens, Port au Prince, Barcelona and London. But we need your help to keep providing coverage and getting the word out. is 100% reader funded and we need to raise a minimum of US $5,000 just to maintain our operations. It is only through the support of readers like you that we are able to stay online. So please hit the donate button and be a crucial part of the effort to continue and expand our work in the coming year:

As a special thank you to donators, VA's Tamara Pearson has kindly donated two copies of her highly acclaimed latest novel - "The Butterfly Prison" - mostly written during her time in Venezuela. One copy will be given away to our most generous donator, whilst the second will be available to win in a pot-luck draw from all donators at the beginning of January.

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The VA team, December 2015
Gregory Wilpert, Ryan Mallett-Outtrim, Jan Kühn, Tamara Pearson, Rachael Boothroyd Rojas, Z.C. Dutka, Lucas Koerner, Jonas Holldack, Michael Fox, Eva Golinger.


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“Venezuela Analysis is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to know what is happening today in one of Latin America's most dynamic countries. Unlike most mainstream media reporting about governments in Latin America, Venezuela Analysis provides a sorely missed counterpoint - presenting a progressive perspective on the news from Venezuela that is in-depth and also takes the views of the country's poor majority into account. Please support”

Oliver Stone
Film director, producer and screenwriter

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“ has regularly provided very useful description, analysis, and commentary on developments in Venezuela, rarely available in the US or the West generally, and valuable for a balanced understanding not only of Venezuela but of Latin American generally in the current very exciting phase of its history.”

Noam Chomsky
Linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, and activist

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“Mainstream media coverage of Venezuela tends to be overwhelmingly negative and biased against the government. is an extremely useful alternative news source that provides more nuanced, in-depth pieces and, most importantly, explores developments and issues in Venezuela that are critically important for understanding the political and social changes there, yet are typically ignored in mainstream coverage. The content often includes criticism of policies and actions of the Venezuelan government, but from a progressive perspective, rather than merely echoing the extreme views of right-wing opposition sectors, as mainstream outlets often do.”

Alex Main
Senior Associate for International Policy, Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), Washington D.C.

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“For Latin America solidarity activists in Australia, is undoubtedly one of the most valuable sources of information and analysis of developments in Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution. As a voice for the Venezuelan people’s struggles for sovereignty, democracy and justice, plays an indispensible role in educating and inspiring many of us on the other side of the world to build understanding and solidarity with one of the most important people’s movements for a better world for all.”

Lisa Macdonald
National Co-coordinator Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network

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“It's important to support because it’s a direct way to find out, in English, about the really relevant events that are happening in Venezuela and that are silenced by the media, especially the international media.”

Elias Sánchez
Communal Council spokesperson in Merida, Venezuela

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“Venezuela Analysis has been an essential tool not just for those trying to keep up to date with developments in the Bolivarian revolution, but also because it provides an invaluable space for critical discussion about the process. This is particularly important given the role that the media plays in opposing the advances of the people. For this reason alone, the Venezuelan revolution needs websites like this, which in turn need your support to keep going.”

Marta Harnecker
Chilean journalist, psychologist, and author of Haciendo el camino al andar: Experiencias de ocho gobiernos locales de America Latina

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“Never has a country, its people, its politics, its leader, its myths and truths been so misreported and lied about as Venezuela in the past decade. Not only has Venezuelanalysis done much to correct this with its scrupulous attention to facts, both obvious and concealed, it has opened up a unique space for genuine critique of one of the world's most imaginative popular movements. I can't think of another website on the web more deserving of support.”

John Pilger
Documentary Filmmaker (“War on Democracy”) and author of Freedom Next Time (Bantam, 2006)

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“Venezuelanalysis is an invaluable source of information, a tribune of independent analysis and honest reporting.”

Greg Grandin
History Professor, New York University and author of Empire’s Workshop (Metropolitan Books, 2006)

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“Among other things, Venezuelanalysis is a superb tool for teaching! Students need the access it provides to English-language reports that are fresh, independent and give insight into what ordinary Venezuelans, not just government and opposition leaders are saying and doing.”

Daniel Hellinger
Professor of Political Science, Webster University, and co-editor of Venezuelan Politics in the Chavez Era (Lynne Rienner, 2003)

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“Venezuelanalysis is a refreshing corrective to the one-sided reporting in the establishment media on Venezuela. While sympathetic to the interesting and novel developments taking place in Venezuela, Venezuelanalysis is hardly a mouthpiece for the Chávez government.

“The kind of objective and critical analysis found on its pages is especially important given the current ideological vacuum at the world level. There is a lack of credible proposals for transformation at a time when the old system is becoming increasingly discredited. Only the right in the United States seems to be clear about what it wants. It is thus of paramount importance that the experimental path that Venezuela is currently going down be objectively reported upon and analyzed.

Venezuelanalysis publishes nuanced articles on internal developments in Venezuela, but not so with regard to international relations. With the activation of the U.S. Fourth Fleet last year (without consulting any Latin American nation), the U.S. decision the following year to utilize seven bases in Colombia, as well as the escalation of the war in Afghanistan (including the mass use of drones) at a time when withdrawal from Iraq is highly incomplete, there is little doubt as to who represents the greatest threat to world peace. Venezuelanalysis provides important information on this front as well, as it applies to Latin America. In short, Venezuelanalysis offers useful detail and analysis on pivotal issues that is unavailable from other media sources.”

Steve Ellner
Professor at the Universidad de Oriente and the Misión Sucre, Author of Rethinking Venezuelan Politics: Class, Conflict and the Chávez Phenomenon (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2008)

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“Venezuela Analysis is my primary source on all things Venezuela. When people ask where to look for information and analysis about Venezuela, I point to it first, second, and third. Why? Because the writers and editors are incredibly well informed and eloquent, have their eye, ears, and minds situated amidst the events, and because the reporting and analysis is biased in the best way possible - it unabashedly takes the side of the country's poor, whether this means being in support of or critical of government policies.”

Michael Albert
Co-founder, ZNet and author of Parecon: Life After Capitalism (Verso Books, 2003)

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“Venezuelanalysis is a vital source of sensible information about Venezuela and the new developments in Latin America, at a time of intense propaganda and corporate media lies.”

Dr. Tim Anderson
Senior Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Sydney

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“Around the world the private media dominates the airwaves, the press, the internet, depriving people of their own voice and popular expression. Internationally and internally there is a big campaign of private media lies against our revolutionary Bolivarian process, against our president and against the Venezuelan people. We are struggling against imperialist domination, for sovereignty, for control over our own resources, for control over our own destinies and to break the logic of exploitation of the capitalist system. I want to congratulate for reflecting the reality of our struggle.”

Gonzalo Gómez
Venezuelan journalist, co-founder

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“I like because it is my major source of information on what is actually taking place in the Bolivarian Revolution, and particularly in Venezuela. In Canada, like the US, there is no positive information about 21st century socialism. Being able to read bits and pieces of the developments and progress toward a better world that are occurring as the result of this peaceful revolution is possible for me primarily through My greatest desire is to see this information made much more readily available throughout North America.”

John Jones reader

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“Even while living in Caracas for the past year, I rely on Venezuelanalysis for high quality reporting of developments in Venezuela, and the region. These not only provide a counter-weight to mainstream media distortions, but offer constructively critical analysis for anyone with an interest in this contemporary social revolution.”

Dr. Tom G. Griffiths
Deputy Head of School of Education, University of Newcastle, reader

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“I enjoy Venezuelanalysis as a source of information and perspectives mostly unavailable in the US. The struggle to create a more humane and equitable society in Venezuela is one of the most important stories of the last decade, and your website promotes that effort in a nonsectarian and clear-headed way. Your reportage is an inspiration in two ways. First, most obviously, we now have hope that the reality of Venezuela\'s reforms and revolutionary changes will be known to people in the Anglosphere. Second, the mobilization of millions of venezolanos to take control of their own future warms the heart and feeds the soul, particularly in these demoralizing times in the US.”

Stephen Jones
New York, reader

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“Venezuela Analysis has been an important source of balanced information regarding Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean since its inception. Currently, as the months go by, one has to appreciate even more so the work that Venezuela Analysis is doing. This web site, through the devotion of its talented team of journalists and writers, is increasingly contributing to the world-wide serious opposition against the media war being waged by Washington and its principal allies with one sole objective as far as Latin America and the Caribbean is concerned: To take back what the US considers to be 'its own backyard.' Even though I specialize in the Cuban political system and US manoeuvres against this island, Cuba is not an island unto itself in the political sense as far relations with Venezuela and the south.

In fact, the whole region is bubbling with debate and discussion on participatory democracy, 21st century socialism and sovereignty while taking into account the history and traditions of each country. For this reason Venezuelan Analysis is of great assistance in my work and thus I encourage all those who are interested in Latin America and the Caribbean to strongly support Venezuela Analysis.”

Arnold August
Journalist/Writer/Lecturer, Montreal

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“Generally: Venezuela Analysis, which incidentally, I see quoted more and more in media of all kinds as an authority on Venezuela, is how I keep up with the Bolivarian Revolution, an unfolding experiment in socialism and the most important current attempt to find an alternative to capitalism. Specifically: Just this morning I needed an example of bias by Reporters Without Borders for something I was doing for my web log, and easily found a thorough Venezuela Analysis piece that served my needs.”

Frank Conway
Albuquerque, NM, Truck Driving and Socialism

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“Whenever I need to know what is really going on in Venezuela, I turn to, the best single source for all things Venezuelan. Because history has proven that we cannot trust the reporting of the corporate-controlled media, provides crucial balance for anyone wanting to get all sides of the story.”

Dr. Kevin Danaher, PhD
Co-Founder, Global Exchange

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“As the producer of Wake Up With Co-Op! a morning public affairs show on community radio in Vancouver, Canada, I find the articles in an invaluable source of reliable information on the Venezuelan revolution, and the entire movement for nation building in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a truthful antidote to the barrage of disinformation from not only US monopoly owned media sources, but also, regrettably, from the publicly owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

We are proud to have been the first in Canada to expose the blatant lie generated by the US state department and rebroadcast by the CBC in April 2002 that the crowds gathered at the Presidential Palace after President Chavez was kidnapped were there to 'cheer the coup d'etat'! We have been carrying ongoing reports on developments in Venezuela, and we thank for their direct assistance to us in helping take the truth of the Bolivarian revolution to our audiences whenever we've asked.”

Charles Boylan
Producer, Wake Up With Co-Op!