Thousands March in Caracas To Celebrate Venezuela’s Youth Day

President Maduro called on Venezuelan youth to participate in the struggle against corruption, crime, and bureaucracy.

Mexico City, Mexico, February 14, 2022 (venezuelanalysis.com) – Thousands of Venezuelan youth marched on Saturday in Caracas to commemorate Youth Day and affirm their commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution.

The energetic march began at various points throughout the capital region and included a contingent that walked 14 kilometers from the working-class neighborhood of Petare to the center of Caracas where they heard from President Nicolás Maduro.

With indicators signaling a modest improvement in the country’s economic fortunes despite US-led economic sanctions, speakers shared a sense of optimism about Venezuela’s future.

Maduro made a plea for the youth to play a leading role in the government’s “3 R’s” campaign that calls on the public to “Resist” imperialism, to partake in the “Rebirth” of values, and to “Revolutionize” where necessary to correct past errors.

“If there is anyone who should be the protagonist of the rebirth of Venezuela, it is the Venezuelan youth!” exclaimed Maduro.

The Venezuelan president also made a personal appeal to those in attendance, calling on the youth in the sizable crowd to participate in the struggle against corruption, crime, and bureaucracy.

Key spokespeople from the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) have pledged to root out criminal practices in its midst following the high profile arrests of deputies and mayors in recent weeks over drug trafficking and fuel smuggling allegations.

In his speech, the president was introduced by Génesis Garvett Romero, the youngest lawmaker in the National Assembly and a member of the PSUV youth wing.

“Seven years ago a criminal blockade was imposed on our people, the idea that hope lay in leaving the country was impressed on the Venezuelan youth, and the great majority of Venezuelan youth had a political answer … We have stayed in the country, we continue to believe in Venezuela and in ourselves,” Garvett told the crowd.

In reference to the late President Hugo Chávez’s call to build the communal state in Venezuela, banners carried by the PSUV youth featured his slogan “Commune or Nothing.”

The event hosted by PSUV stood in sharp contrast to a demonstration held by opposition figure Juan Guaidó in the wealthy district of ​​Chacao that saw a very low turnout. The US-supported politician has made calls for unity amongst other anti-government forces but had little backing from other leaders.

Leading members of the ruling party have recently issued calls for judicial authorities to arrest opposition politician Guaidó.

Edited by Ricardo Vaz in Caracas.