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Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela’s Maduro Laments Death of Leftist Colombian Writer Gabriel García Marquez

Nicolas Maduro (Archive)

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has lamented the death of Colombian author and Nobel-prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who passed away yesterday at 87 years of age.

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Military and Civilians March in Caracas to Commemorate 12 Years Since Failed Coup

Maduro April 13th

Santa Elena de Uairén, April 14th 2014 ( On Sunday thousands marched in remembrance of the popular uprising in the streets of Caracas that reinstated late president Hugo Chavez on April 13, 2002 after he was forcefully removed from office on April 11th that year.

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Venezuela Protests are Sign that US Wants our Oil, Says Nicolás Maduro [Interview, video]

Nicolas Maduro

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Venezuela's president claims the Obama administration is fomenting unrest with the aim of provoking a Ukraine-style 'slow-motion' coup.

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Venezuela: A Call for Peace

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro (EFE)

The recent protests in Venezuela have made international headlines. Much of the foreign media coverage has distorted the reality of my country and the facts surrounding the events. Venezuelans are proud of our democracy. We have built a participatory democratic movement from the grass roots that has ensured that both power and resources are equitably distributed among our people.

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Federico Fuentes replies to Mike Gonzalez's 'Is Venezuela burning?'

Protests in April 2013. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

I have had a few people ask me what I think of the recent article by Mike Gonzalez "Is Venezuela burning", regarding events in Venezuela. Putting aside the fact he can't even get the name right of the oil minster (Rafael Ramirez, not Rodriguez), here are three things that are wrong with the article.

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Third Day of Protests in Venezuela Sees Lower Turnout, Calls for Peace

Last night President Nicolas Maduro commented on the investigations underway into the violent clashes in Caracas on Wednesday. (

Opposition street protests continue in Venezuela, although with lower turnouts and intensity than earlier this week.

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Where is Venezuela’s Economy Headed?

95% of Venezuela’s foreign export earnings in Venezuela come from oil sales (archive)

What did President Nicolas Maduro’s announcements during Wednesday’s state of the nation address tell us about the Venezuelan government’s economic agenda for 2014?

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“A Solid Foundation for Socialism of the 21st Century”: Venezuela's Maduro Restructures Several Government Ministries and Institutions

Maduro called for a restructuring of a number of government ministries and institutions during the annual memoria y cuenta on We

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has ordered a restructuring of public institutions related to the economy and consumer protection during a four hour speech to the nation.

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Maduro Announces Major Cabinet Reshuffle to “Renew” Venezuelan Government

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro appointed several new ministers to his cabinet in a bid to “renovate” his government (Pr

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has appointed several new ministers to his cabinet in a bid to “renovate” his government.

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Venezuelan Elections See Clear Victory for the PSUV Led by Nicolas Maduro & Their Allies


Despite right wing economic war in recent months, the candidates of 'Chavismo' comfortably won Sunday's municipal elections, consolidating President Maduro's leadership, and further enhancing Venezuelan democracy, writes VSC Secretary Francisco Dominguez.

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