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Inside the Americas- "The World's Tallest Slum"

The Torre de David in Caracas (Iwan Baan)

Known locally as the Tower of David, this skyscraper has been dubbed everything from a den of thieves to the world's tallest slum. These labels conceal the radical story taking place behind the tower's walls. TeleSUR English reports from Caracas

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Housing Movement Condemns Police Corruption within Venezuela’s Barrios

“We firmly support the efforts of the revolutionary government to ensure peace and coexistence, but we believe that the action

Representatives of the Housing Movement, communal councils, and various social movements gathered in downtown Caracas on Sunday to denounce police corruption and abuse within the city’s barrios.

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“Terrorists” Attack Housing Mission and Preschool in Venezuela

Fire fighters with an evacuated child. (Zurda Konducta)

The headquarters of the Venezuelan government's housing mission and an adjacent pre-school have been attacked by anti-government groups, according to authorities. 

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Venezuelan University Developing Experimental Bamboo for Green Homes

Venezuelan grown bamboo is being experimented on to improve its strength and durability at the USB (Prensa Fonacit)

Venezuelan researchers are studying ways to use bamboo to provide cheap, environmentally friendly housing.

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Venezuelan Government Increases Banking Sector’s Obligation to Fund Construction and Mortgages

The financial obligation applied to both state-owned and private banks (Minci)

The Venezuelan government has increased the banking sector’s financial obligation to fund construction and provide low interest mortgages as part of policies to broaden access to affordable housing. 

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The “Socializing” City Vs. the Alienating City: Taking the Venezuelan Example to Italy

Venezuela's new socialist city Caribia in the evening time (Rachael Boothroyd)

This year, the Venezuelan government will present the concept of its new socialist cities at the International Architecture Biennale in Italy, which is due to be held from August 29th to November 25th.

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Independence Equals Housing, Health, Agriculture, Defense & Political Will


Last night, Venezuela's VTV reported from CAVIM (Venezuelan Military Industries) in Maracay, on their production of the AK-103 and a full range of ammunition for use by the new National Police Force and the Venezuelan Military.

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Chavez's Dream Grows in Socialist Venezuelan city

After nine months in a flood victims' shelter, Daviana Padron now lives in a free apartment, works in a cooperative bakery and her kids attend a new school in the Venezuelan city of Caribia.

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Venezuela Passes New Leasing Law Proposed by Popular Initiative

The socialist bloc of the AN passed the law popularly drafted by social movements (AN)

A new law which aims to combat rent speculation and protect the rights of tenants and small landlords was passed by Venezuela’s National Assembly on Thursday. The law was based on proposals made by the  tenants movement. 

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Venezuela Inaugurates First Socialist City

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez explains the distribution of housing, schools, medical clinics, and green spaces in Venezuela&#

The Venezuelan government, together with the private sector and international partners, is finding creative solutions to the nation’s housing deficit, including the construction of new, communal-oriented cities.

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