The Venezuelanalysis Podcast Episode 08: The Decommodification of Housing in Venezuela

In this podcast episode we go over the struggle to decommodify housing under the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Great Housing Mission is undoubtedly one of the flagships of the Bolivarian Revolution. The program created by Hugo Chávez in 2011 has provided a reported four million houses for low-income families and looks to reach five million by 2025.

In the newest episode of the Venezuelanalysis podcast, we go over the struggle to establish housing as a human right in Venezuela, as opposed to a capitalist commodity, and we put the spotlight on grassroots movements that have pushed the so-called “urban revolution.”

Host José Luis Granados Ceja, fellow VA writer Andreína Chávez and Juan Carlos Rodríguez from the Pobladores Movement go over the housing mission and its achievements, as well as the emerging challenges and contradictions in Venezuela’s current political context.


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