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Venezuela seeks to consolidate its model of higher education

Venezuela seeks to consolidate its model of university education, according to data from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the South American country has the fifth highest number in the world of students enrolled in higher education.

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Robotics Classroom Program Promotes Venezuelan Children’s Technological Talent

One of the robots (VTV)

Thanks to the Creative Classrooms Program called I like Robotics, that the Venezuelan government is promoting, children between the ages of eight and twelve years are involved in the technological advances of the country, with the building of robots.

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Venezuelan University Strikes End, Not Everyone Returns to Class

The university protests were aimed at the national government (Tamara Pearson /

Despite teachers at the University of the Andes (ULA) and Central University of Venezuela (UCV) voting to end strikes, students at the ULA have reported that not all classes have resumed.

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Venezuelan School Year Begins with Free Books and Laptops

Around eight million pre and primary school children begin the new Venezuelan school year today (AVN)

Around eight million pre and primary school children began the new Venezuelan school year today, with the government announcing the distribution of free textbooks and laptops to educational centres.

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Alternative Education Can Eliminate Corruption

Myriam Anzola (in blue) with the recent alternative pedagogy graduates (Leandro Irion)

Participatory education based on empowering students through their active involvement in their community is an essential tool for fighting corruption in the long term.


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Bolivarian Education in Venezuela

(José Correa/ Juventud Rebelde)

I never heard the words “accountability”or“high stakes testing” once in a recent educator delegation to Venezuela. As a U.S. professor of teacher education, I seldom have discussions about education policies and realities in my own country without confronting these fraught concepts. But in the schools and educational systems of Venezuela? Not part of the discussion.

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Student Activists Inspired by Venezuela’s Revolution

The delegation at the Salvador Allende School of Medicine (VSC)

Student activists gave their impression of the social transformation under way in Venezuela at a Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (VSC) meeting in July after visiting the country. Their visit to Venezuela was organised to see the truth about the revolution, especially in the aftermath of the recent presidential elections and ongoing media distortions about the situation in the country under President Maduro. It also sought to strengthen links with grassroots youth and student movements in Venezuela.

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Venezuelan Universities March For and Against Strike

The march demanding that classes resume (MiPPCI / Miguel Moya)

Yesterday in Caracas, university students, professors, and employees carried out separate marches in favor of and against the current strikes being held in ten universities throughout Venezuela.

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Venezuelan University Workers Receive Salary Increase, Protests Continue

The agreement, announced by Minister for University Education Pedro Calzadilla, will see 25% salary increases for Sept. 1 and Ja

The Venezuelan government and university representatives have agreed to salary and benefit increases for university employees in three increments, Minister for University Education Pedro Calzadilla announced on Friday night. 

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University Workers Demand Compliance with Venezuela's New Labor Law

Disturbances in Merida as a result of the conflict (EL Universal)

The Andean city of Merida has been rocked over the past week by a number of worker-led protests as sub-contracted employees from the University of the Andes (ULA) demanded that they be made permanent staff in compliance with Venezuela’s new labor law.    

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