The Venezuelanalysis Podcast Episode 22: The Past, Present and Future of Education in Venezuela

Our latest podcast delivery focuses on education and political formation in Venezuela, the advances of the past 25 years and present challenges.
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Cira Pascual Marquina and Luis Bonilla join host José Luis Granados Ceja to talk about the challenges for education in Venezuela. (Venezuelanalysis)

From basic literacy all the way to higher education, the Bolivarian Revolution massively expanded education opportunities for the Venezuelan people. After years of a devastating crisis compounded by US sanctions, where does the education system stand? And what are its prospects?

These are some of the issues discussed in the latest episode of the Venezuelanalysis podcast. Host José Luis Granados Ceja is joined by researcher Luis Bonilla Molina and by fellow VA member Cira Pascual Marquina to talk about the present challenges for education, the lessons learned, and grassroots initiatives.

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