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Venezuela Launches Widespread Vaccine Campaign, Changes in Medical Sector

The Ministry of Health estimates over 3 million children under the age of six will have access to the vaccinations (AVN)

This week the Venezuelan government launched a vaccine campaign which is equipped and estimated to serve over 3 million children. The procedure is has been set in motion in accordance with the Pan American Health Organization’s “Vaccine in the Americas” initiative. 

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Political Violence Stokes Inflation in Venezuela, Says Central Bank

The BCV has warned that inflation could continue to rise, following a four month high of 4.1% increase in March. (Archive)

Venezuela’s central bank has blamed political violence for the highest monthly inflation rate in four months.

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Seven Million Students To Participate in Venezuela’s National Education Consultation

The National Consultation for Quality Education will be rolled out nationwide over the next five months. (Juventud Rebelde)

Students, teachers and parents from around 29, 000 educational institutions across Venezuela are expected to participate in a nation-wide consultation scheme.

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Venezuelan Government-Opposition Dialogue Produces Results, Army Moves on Barricades (+ Video)

Both the government and the moderate opposition remain committed to the talks, with MUD spokesperson Ramon Aveledo saying that i

The third dialogue talk between the Venezuelan government and opposition has produced more results, while the armed forces have largely “liberated” another city from militant opposition street barricades.

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Venezuela's Caracas Theater Festival Surpasses Expectations

With more than 649 shows, 152 groupings, and 26 public theatres, the III Caracas Festival of Theater took over the capital this

With more than 649 shows, 152 groupings, and 26 public theatres, the III Caracas Festival of Theater took over the capital this week in a genuine expression of popular culture that surpassed all expectations.

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President Maduro Holds Conference with Businesses, Aims to End “Economic War”

Maduro in factory

Last night President Nicolas Maduro presided over an Economic Conference for Peace with over 650 business people and leaders from private and public sectors. He announced a range of economic measures as part of his new “economic offensive”.

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Wives of Ousted Mayors to Run in Venezuelan By-Elections

Patricia Ceballos (left) and Rosa de Scarano (right) will run for the MUD in by-elections in San Cristobal and San Diego respect

Venezuela's opposition has turned to the wives of two imprisoned former mayors in snap elections scheduled for next month.

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Street Violence Enters “Second Stage” According to Venezuelan Army Chief

Student leader Alejandro Padron (Prensa Integracion UCV)

Military chief Vladimir Padrino said yesterday that the violent street blockades which began in February have moved on to a “second phase” characterised by “selective attacks and terrorist cells”.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Unveils New “Economic Offensive”

Maduro reiterated plans to export one million barrels of oil per to China (AVN)

After meeting with Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro outlined a “new offensive” for the Venezuelan economy, supported by three key objectives; to increase production, to eradicate scarcity and control speculation by enforcing fair prices. 

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Opposition Protests Continue, Poll Reveals 90% of Venezuelans Support Dialogue

Clashes in Caracas

Hard-line opposition protests continued over Easter weekend in Venezuela. However a recent poll found that the majority of Venezuelans support the peace talks occurring between the government and moderate opposition.

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Sidor, Venalum Ink New Deals Under Joint China-Venezuela Fund

Cabello announced that two CVG subsidiaries have signed new deals under the Joint China-Venezuela Fund (Sidor Press)

Venezuela's Sidor and Venalum have signed new agreements under the Joint China-Venezuela Fund, according to minister for industry José David Cabello.

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Venezuela Joins ALBA Condemnation of USAID's Cuban Social Media Network

ZunZuneo was created by the US government to spark protests in Cuba, according to a recent AP report. (Archive)

Member states of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, including Venezuela, have condemned a social networking system developed by the United States to stir anti-government protests in Cuba.

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Fisheries Unions Demand Dialogue with the Venezuelan Government

Heads of the fishing industries workers' unions (UNETE-CTR)

In the early hours of last Wednesday morning, the heads of the fishing industry workers' unions of Sucre state announced their request to be incorporated into the mesas económicas (economic tables), among other [sectors].

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Clashes in Venezuela's Capital Ahead of Easter Weekend

A photograph circulated by Rodriguez that reportedly shows police being attacked by opposition groups on Thursday (Juan Barreto/

Opposition groups have clashed with police in Venezuela's capital ahead of planned Easter-themed demonstrations.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Laments Death of Leftist Colombian Writer Gabriel García Marquez

Nicolas Maduro (Archive)

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has lamented the death of Colombian author and Nobel-prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who passed away yesterday at 87 years of age.

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