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Venezuela's Maduro Meets With Fidel Castro

Maduro and Castro met over the weekend to commemorate the founding of ALBA (Cuba Debate)

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has visited Cuba's Fidel Castro to commemorate the founding of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA).

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Maduro and Venezuelan Opposition Discuss Cooperation

Maduro met with both opposition and GPP elected officials this week (CDO)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has urged opposition parties to work with his administration, and called for greater political tolerance.

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ALBA and PetroCaribe Launch Common Economic Area to Fight Poverty

The Venezuelan delegation, including Maduro (centre) at the ALBA-Petrocaribe summit yesterday (Minci)

The II Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for Our America (ALBA) and Petrocaribe took place in Caracas yesterday. It focused on creating a “special complementary economic zone” between the member countries of both alliances in order to eradicate poverty in the region.

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Venezuelan Police University Campaigns against School of the Americas

Starting the campaign at the UNES (Victor Rivera)

Venezuela’s National Experimental University for Security (UNES), which trains police in human rights and preventative policing, has launched a two month, nationwide campaign against the US run School of the Americas (SOA).

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US and Venezuela Again Call for Better Bilateral Ties

Arreaza has stated he wants “good relations” with the US. (AVN)

Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza has said he wants “good relations” with the United States, following a statement from US Secretary of State John Kerry earlier this week that Washington is “ready and willing” to improve bilateral ties.

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Australian Solidarity Activists Visit Venezuela for 2013 Municipal Elections

The brigadistas at the ELAM (ELAM Press)

A group of Australian solidarity activists visited Venezuela during the recent municipal elections in order to find out more about the Bolivarian Revolution and strengthen solidarity between the peoples of the two countries.

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Venezuelan Vice President Calls for National Debate on Gasoline Prices

“For those who want homeland, come with me. But on foot, because we have to save gasoline” (Agencies).

The world's lowest petrol prices could be raised for the first time in 16 years, after the Venezuelan government called for a national debate on the country's gasoline subsidies.

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Drug Seizures Up in Venezuela Since US DEA Booted, Says FANB

According to Padrino, Venezuela has bolstered its counter-narcotics efforts since severing ties with the DEA in 2005 (AVN)

Venezuelan counter narcotics efforts have yielded more drug seizures per year since the government broke with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 2005, according to a high ranking military official. 

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Executive Secretary of Venezuelan Opposition Coalition to Offer Resignation

Ramon Aveledo, the executive-secretary of the opposition Democratic Unity Table (MUD) coalition (Prensa MUD)

Ramon Aveledo, the executive-secretary of the opposition Democratic Unity Table (MUD) coalition, is to offer his resignation following the results of the municipal elections held last Sunday.

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Chavistas Celebrate Victory in the Venezuelan Municipal Elections

After the results were announced, President Nicolas Maduro gave a televised speech from the Plaza Bolivar in central Caracas to

Supporters of the Venezuelan government celebrated their victory in the municipal elections held yesterday, with analysts commenting that President Nicolas Maduro has “reconnected” with Chavismo’s social base. 

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Results of Venezuelan Municipal Elections Announced (Updated)


The National Electoral Council (CNE) has announced the first results of the Venezuelan municipal elections held today.

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Live Updates on Venezuela's 8 December Municipal Elections

Someone arrives to vote in a booth in Merida today (Tamara Pearson /

Live updates from on the 8 December Municipal elections: on the ground reports, news, photos, and interviews.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Signs Decrees to Promote Savings and Labour Stability

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has passed a series of economic measures to protect job stability and savings. (prensa presi

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro passed a series of economic decrees to protect job stability and savings on Wednesday.

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Venezuelan Political Leaders Mark Mandela Passing with Tributes

Venezuelan political and media leaders have marked Nelson Mandela’s passing with tributes, while President Nicolas Maduro has

Venezuelan political and media leaders have marked Nelson Mandela’s passing with tributes, while President Nicolas Maduro has declared three days of mourning.

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Final Preparations Underway in Venezuela for Municipal Elections

PSUV rally in Merida on Thursday (Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

Campaigning for Venezuela's municipal elections ended on Thursday, with a final round of peaceful rallies taking place across the country.

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