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Bolivarian Government Defends Venezuelan Basketball Hero against Racist Attacks

Carl Herrera (archive)

Last week, vandals who Diodado Cabello, President of the National Assembly, labeled “neo-fascists” scrawled racist death threats on three walls of the stadium where Herrera’s team was scheduled to play.

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Candidates Officially Launch Campaigns to Replace Jailed Venezuelan Opposition Mayors

Alejandro Mendez of the GPP launched his campaign in San Cristobal, but faces an uphill struggle to win in the opposition strong

On May 25, the voters of San Diego, Carabobo State and San Cristobal, Táchira State, will go to the polls to elect new mayors for their respective cities.

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Venezuelan Capital Sees Rise in Violent Street Bands Following Opposition Withdrawal from Peace Talks

On Tuesday, Ramon Aveledo, the executive secretary of MUD, announced the opposition was walking from dialogue talks (agencies)

The rekindling of street violence follows a widely publicized press conference held by the leadership of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), where the opposition announced their withdrawal from the dialogue talks initiated by the government.

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Venezuelan Leftists Meet to Discuss Future Directions in Political Ideology and Eco-Socialism


Venezuelan leftists met in two conferences over the weekend as part of efforts to design the direction and strategy of the country’s Bolivarian revolution in the coming period.

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Polls Reveal Wider Concerns of Venezuelan Public

The wealthy business center of Chacao, Caracas, has served as the trenches for anti-government protests and barricades since Feb

Two private Venezuelan polling firms, Hinterlaces and Datanalisis, recently released data concerning Venezuelan public opinion in the face of protest-related violence.

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Venezuelan Intelligence Chief Murdered, 11 Protestors Indicted after Thursday’s Mass Arrests

Venezuelan Justice Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres expressed grief and his determination to identify the sniper who killed poli

Yesterday at noon, Rafael Celestino Albino Arteaga, 44, Vargas state chief of the Venezuelan Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), was shot dead by an unidentified male assailant in a shopping mall in the western city of Maracay.

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Venezuelan Policeman Killed by Sniper While Clearing Protest Barricade in Caracas


In the early hours of Thursday morning, Jorge Tovar, 24, a Venezuelan national police officer was shot dead in the neck by a sniper, according to official sources. The shooting occurred as police attempted to clear an encampment that blocked traffic set up by hardline anti-government protestors, or guarimberos, in the upperclass neighborhood of Los Palos Grandes, in eastern Caracas.

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U.S. Bill Proposing Sanctions on Venezuela Passes House Foreign Affairs Committee

Flag White House

A Human Rights bill proposed by Florida Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, which includes sanctions on the Venezuelan government, cleared its first legislative hurdle this morning after passing the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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United Nations, UNICEF Praise Venezuelan Equality As Government Takes On Steep Housing Goals

Millennium Goals

Yesterday Niky Fabiancic, Resident United Nations Coordinator for Venezuela, praised Venezuela’s prowess in meeting the United Nations’ Millennium Goals. “Venezuela is one of the leading countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in reducing inequality,” Fabiancic said.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Hopes to Boost Production with New Multi-Million Investment Fund

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro yesterday announced the creation of a new national investment fund to boost production and h

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro yesterday announced the creation of a new national investment fund to boost production and help overcome existing economic problems.

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Rene Gonzalez of “Cuban 5” Visits Hugo Chavez Remains in Venezuela

Cuban Rene Gonzalez in Caracas with Venezuelan vice-president Jorge Arreaza. (AVN)

Cuban Rene Gonzalez, famously accused of espionage by the United States government and imprisoned 13 years in Miami, was received in the Venezuelan capital yesterday by foreign minister Elias Jaua. His arrival marks Gonzalez’s first trip abroad since he was released to Cuba by U.S. authorities in October of 2011.

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Venezuelan Opposition Militants in Fresh Attack on Universities, Public Property

Opposition militants in San Cristobal, Tachira yesterday (UN/courtesy)

A wave of small opposition protests and violent actions took place in five regional states yesterday, resulting in damages to universities and public property.

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Venezuela Anticipates Improved Relations with Panama, El Salvador Following Newly Elected Leaders

Nicolas Maduro and Salvador Sanchez Ceren visited Hugo Chavez’s remains in Caracas on Friday. (Archive)

On Sunday Juan Carlos Varela was announced the victor of Panama’s presidential electoral race, with 39.2% of the popular vote. Just hours after the results were announced, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro called to offer a renewal of diplomatic relations between the two nations, to be recognized as soon as Varela takes office on 1 July.

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Venezuela’s Interior Affairs Minister Details Foreign Involvement in “Destabilisation Campaign”

Minister presents strategy

The Venezuelan interior affairs and justice minister, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, has given information on an alleged plan to destabilise the country, detailing foreign involvement in the recent militant opposition street barricades.

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Extended Social Programs and Benefits Announced during Venezuela’s May Day Celebrations

In his May Day speech at a large rally in Caracas, President Nicolas Maduro announced the extension of social programs and benef

In his May Day speech at a large rally in Caracas, President Nicolas Maduro announced the extension of social programs and benefits to workers and the population in general. The opposition held its own march to criticise the state of the economy.

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