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Pro and Anti-Government Marches Take the Streets of Caracas (+Image Gallery)

Tens of thousands turned out for the Chavista march (AVN - Gregorio Terán)

Rival marches flooded the streets of Caracas on Saturday as Venezuelans voiced their respective support for and opposition to the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

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Venezuelan Govt to Hand Domestic Industry up to US$7 Billion in Forex: Economy Czar

Local industry has long complained Venezuela's currency exchange system doesn't provide enough foreign cash to cover i

The Venezuelan government announced Thursday the creation of a new bank to help small businesses obtain raw materials and basic goods, while vowing to provide local industry with billions of dollars of new foreign currency supplies.

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Maduro Praises Bernie's 'Revolutionary Message,' Bashes Hillary

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he is impressed by what he terms Bernie Sanders' “revolutionary” campaign mess

Just one day after Bernie Sanders used the Hispanic-focused debate in Miami, Florida, to express his support for various progressive Latin American governments, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has returned the favor.

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Venezuela Revamps Currency Exchange System

Caption: (El Nacional Archive)

Venezuela announced Wednesday key changes to the country’s currency exchange regime designed to streamline access to dollars for production and essential imports as well as combat inflation.

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Venezuela Pulls Top Diplomat from Washington, Vows to Pressure Obama Over Sanctions

President Nicolas Maduro has called on the Obama administration to rescind an executive order imposing sanctions on Venezuela. (

Venezuela withdrew its top diplomat in the United States Wednesday, after the White House renewed sanctions targeting Caracas.

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Venezuelan Opposition Announces Plan to Oust Maduro, Faces Constitutional Roadblocks

Caption: MUD press conference announcing their “roadmap for change”. (Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

Venezuela’s right-wing opposition coalition unveiled on Tuesday its “roadmap” for ousting President Nicolas Maduro, which may, however, face difficult constitutional hurdles. An opposition delegation to Chile came under fire from Communist legislator and ex-student leader Camila Vallejo.

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Venezuela to Investigate Alleged Massacre of 28 Miners in Bolivar State

Tumeremo residents and family members of the disappeared miners blockade the principal road, demanding that the authorities reco

Venezuela’s public prosecutor and ombudsman’s office opened investigations Monday into the disappearance of 28 miners in southeastern Bolivar state following allegations by local residents of a possible massacre.

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UNASUR and CELAC Slam Renewal of US Sanctions Decree against Venezuela

Caption: Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). (EFE)

The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) pledged their firm support for Venezuela Friday in response to the Obama administration’s renewal of an executive order branding Venezuela an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to US national security and authorizing the application of future sanctions.

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Latin America Remembers Revolutionary Legacy of Hugo Chavez

President Nicolas Maduro and President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua pay homage to Chavez. (Prensa Presidencial)

Commemorations were held across Venezuela on Saturday marking three years since the death of Hugo Chávez. In Caracas, a special ceremony saw leaders from four countries pay their respects to the late president. 

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Venezuelan Parliament Defies Supreme Court, Petitions OAS to Intervene

National Assembly President Ramos Allup described the Supreme Court’s Sentence “invalid, non-existent and non-binding”. Hi

Legislators from the majority right-wing MUD bloc in parliament have officially petitioned the Organization of American States to intervene in Venezuelan politics, after the Supreme Court blocked their attempts to remove thirteen judges.  


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Obama Renews Decree Calling Venezuela a 'Threat'

US President Barack Obama initially signed the executive decree in March 2015 (telesur)

U.S. President Barack Obama renewed Thursday an executive order issued last March that declared Venezuela “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”


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Venezuelan Parliament Passes “National Production Law” in First Discussion

Venezuela’s National Assembly has been under the majority control of rightwing coalition, the Democratic Roundtable Unity, sin

Venezuela’s leftist government opposes the law, saying that it will privatise state-owned corporations. 


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Venezuela Partially Lifts Six-Month Closure of Colombian Border

The Venezuelan-Colombian border was reopened on Saturday after a six-month closure. (Agencias)

The Venezuelan government partially lifted its six-month closure of the Colombian border on Saturday, allowing the crossing of heavy-load vehicles during restricted daytime hours.


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Venezuela Makes $1.5 Billion Bond Payment

Venezuela paid USD $1.5 billion in sovereign bonds on Friday. (Archive)

Venezuela made a USD $1.543 billion payment to international bondholders on Friday as part of its 2016 debt obligations amounting to $9.6 billion.

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Venezuela and Canadian Company Sign $5 Billion Gold Mining Deal

Maduro announces the deal with Gold Reserve. (Albaciudad)

The joint venture is part of a negotiated settlement to an arbitration case brought before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes by the Canadian company in 2009, after its Las Brisas concessions were terminated by the Venezuelan government.


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