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Venezuelan Intelligence Official Arrested in Connection with 12 February Violence in Caracas

An official of Venezuela’s intelligence service has been arrested in connection with the violent clashes last Wednesday in Car

An official of Venezuela’s intelligence service has been arrested in connection with the violent clashes last Wednesday in Caracas which left three dead, a Venezuelan newspaper has reported. 

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Venezuela’s Maduro Holds Mass Rally to Reject Violence as Protests Continue (+video)

Yesterday's rally (agencies)

Thousands of government supporters gathered yesterday in Caracas to call for “peace” after violent clashes left three dead on Wednesday. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles today called supporters to gather for a national march “against paramilitaries and violence”. 

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Third Day of Protests in Venezuela Sees Lower Turnout, Calls for Peace

Last night President Nicolas Maduro commented on the investigations underway into the violent clashes in Caracas on Wednesday. (

Opposition street protests continue in Venezuela, although with lower turnouts and intensity than earlier this week.

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Inflation and Shortages Remain High in Venezuela

A breakdown of January's inflation by sectors (BCV)

Inflation and shortages remained high in January according to a report by the Venezuelan Central Bank (BCV), however levels of food shortages have decreased.

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Venezuelan Opposition Leaders Demand More Demonstrations Following Deadly Clashes

Violent opposition demonstrators in Caracas yesterday (Ángel de Jesús/AVN)

Venezuela's opposition have continued to stage violent demonstrations amid calls for calm.

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Peaceful Marches and Opposition Violence, Two Deaths Mark Day of Youth in Venezuela

In Caracas today (Aporrea)

Violent opposition groups attacked government buildings and civilians, and clashed with police and government supporters following peaceful marches commemorating the Day of Youth.

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Opposition Violence Continues in Some Venezuelan Cities, Attacks on Journalists

Violent opposition protestors in Merida this afternoon (Tamara Pearson /

Violent sectors of the opposition have continued protests over the weekend and yesterday, leaving parts of Merida and Tachira closed, and some serious injuries.

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Venezuelan Government Applies Law Limiting Costs, Prices and Profits

Karlin Granadillo, a top official of the government agency enforcing the new price law, said today that the maximum profit limit

 The period allowed for businesses to adjust their prices to the new Fair Prices Law ended today, with the government planning a wave of inspections to ensure the legal measure is applied. 

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Spanish – Venezuelan Production Wins Best Ibero-American Film at Goya Awards

“This is the first Goya for Venezuela!” explained the film’s Venezuelan director Miguel Ferrari (centre) in his acceptance

The film Blue and Not So Pink (Azul y No Tan Rosa) has become the first Venezuelan film to win a Goya at the Spanish Academy of Art’s prestigious annual Goya awards ceremony. 

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Violent Student Protests Mark New Phase of “Radical” Venezuelan Opposition Activity

Students from the ULA in Mérida city have closed off the main road outside of the political science faculty for the past few da

Violent opposition student protests have taken place in several Venezuelan cities in recent days.

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Venezuelan University Developing Experimental Bamboo for Green Homes

Venezuelan grown bamboo is being experimented on to improve its strength and durability at the USB (Prensa Fonacit)

Venezuelan researchers are studying ways to use bamboo to provide cheap, environmentally friendly housing.

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Motorcyclists Propose Education Plan as Venezuelan Government Mulls Night Ban

Motorcyclists on a road in Caracas (Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

An organisation representing Venezuelan motorcyclists has called for a road safety education plan in response to a controversial proposal to ban motorbikes after dark in Caracas.

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Venezuela’s University Education Mission Reaches Ten Years, 695,000 Students

Mission Sucre has provided many people with the opportunity to study at a university level (Prensa MPPEU)

Venezuela’s Mission Sucre has reached ten years of providing higher education to over 695,000 people, 379,000 of whom have already graduated.

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Venezuela's Maduro: “I'm Determined to Make an Economic Revolution”

Maduro warned businesses that they have until next Monday to comply with the Law for the Control of Fair Costs, Prices and Profi

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has stated he will take “the most radical measures to protect our people's economy” as a deadline for businesses to adhere to new price controls approaches.

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Various Countries Participate in ‘Chavez Was Here’ Campaign

One month before the first anniversary of Hugo Chavez’s death, countries such as Bolivia, Cuba, Argentina, and Russia are participating in a global campaign to pay homage to him and his political achievements.

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