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Venezuelan Legislators Demand Machado Face Criminal Charges

Machado facing the AN on Tuesday (ANTV)

Venezuelan legislators have called for a criminal investigation into opposition National Assembly (AN) member Maria Corina Machado.

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Venezuela Cuts Commercial Ties with Air Canada

Air Canada announced it would begin a suspension of operations this week (Reuters)

The Venezuelan government has declared it will sever all commercial ties with Air Canada, after the airline suspended operations in the country earlier this week.

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Venezuelan Government Hands Out 90 Ambulances to Communal Councils, Hospitals

The ambulances are equipped with the “latest technology”, according to the vice-president (AVN)

Yesterday the national government handed out ninety ambulances to a range of communal councils, Integral Diagnostic Centres (CDI) and hospitals.

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Food Card to Combat Scarcity Unveiled

“The Ensured Supply Card” is meant to combat contraband and speculation. (Globovision)

A controversial food card intended to combat scarcity was introduced on Sunday by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.  

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Venezuela's Maduro Proposes High Commission of Peace to U.S. as Tensions Rise

Nicolas Maduro calls for peace and respect as tension rises between U.S. and Venezuela (Reuters)

On Saturday Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced his plans to propose to the United States the creation of a high commission to promote peace and respect between the the two nations.  The proposal comes after a week of exchanges between the two countries’ diplomats. 

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Civilians Support Venezuelan National Guard amid Media False Claims

GNB march

On the weekend civilians marched with National Bolivarian Guard (GNB) soldiers, and today the government declared part of Caracas “free” from violent protests. The march came as private media heightened its false statements about GNB actions.

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Paramilitaries Armed With C-4 Detained in Venezuela

Weapons displayed to state media by Interior Affairs Minister Rodriguez Torres (right) today. (AVN)

Three paramilitary groups have been captured in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo, following a series of deadly shootings during protests on Wednesday.

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Venezuelan Central Bank Reports “Significant Deceleration” in Inflation

Ramirez has stated that Sicad II has already strengthened the bolivar on the black market, before it's even operating. (AVN

Venezuela's central bank has reported a slowdown in inflation, while vice-president of the economy Rafael Ramirez has claimed the country's latest currency exchange system has already decreased the value of the dollar on the black market – before it's even operational.

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Thousands of Community Doctors Graduate from Government Health Program in Venezuela

(Prensa Presidencial)

During a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace of Miraflores in Caracas, head of state Nicolas Maduro presided over the graduation of a new group of community doctors on Monday to ensure healthcare for the nation’s poor.

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One Month On, Chavistas and Opposition Rally in Venezuela (+video)

Pro -government student rally in Caracas today (AVN)

Two deaths have marked the one month anniversary of the start of nationwide anti-government protests in Venezuela, as opposition leaders continue to refuse to engage in peace talks.

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Venezuela's Maduro Cancels Trip to Inauguration of Chile’s Michelle Bachelet

Chilean student awaits Maduro's arrival outside Venezuelan Embassy in Santiago. His shirt reads "The education in Chil

Days after a Chilean student was shot dead by protestors in Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro called off his trip to Chile. Two demonstrations had been awaiting his arrival in Santiago, each with a very different narrative regarding who’s to blame for Venezuela’s political violence.

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Venezuela Congratulates FMLN Victory in El Salvador

El Salvador's Salvador Sanchez Cerén met with Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro last July, in Nicaragua, while Cer

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ebulliently congratulated president-elect Salvador Sánchez Cerén of El Salvador’s FMLN party, who yesterday was declared winner by just 6,000 votes after a tense electoral race. But his well-wishing may be premature.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Renews Dialogue Offer as Violence Drags On (+Video)

Maduro speaking on Sunday (agencies)

Mérida, 10th March 2014 ( – Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro reiterated his call asking the Venezuelan opposition to join in peace talks. Another government supporter was killed in protest-related violence over the weekend.

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OAS Approves Message of Solidarity and Support of Venezuelan Government

The OAS' offices (archive)

The Organization of American States (OAS) has approved a statement expressing solidarity and support for the Venezuelan government in light of recent events.

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The Organisation of American States Will Not Send a Mission to Venezuela

Ambassadors of Organisation of American States (OAS) member states continue debating the situation in Venezuela after failing to

Ambassadors from Organisation of American States (OAS) member countries continue debating the situation in Venezuela after failing to reach a consensus last night.

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