Venezuelans Celebrate Easter Vacations 2019

Trump, Bolton, and Guaido effigies figured prominently in the traditional “burning of Judas” Easter tradition.

Amid a continuing political standoff, economic crisis and widespread electrical rationing Venezuelans took advantage of Easter weekend to flock to the country’s 498 beaches, numerous rivers, and multiple other sites of natural beauty with family and friends.

A number of cultural activities were organised by local authorities, including concerts, dance classes, and activities for children.

Church groups also organised traditional religious parades, reenactments of Christ’s resurrection, and other biblical scenes in the communities.

Judas dummies were also made and burnt by families, with a number of political figures, including self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido, US President Donald Trump, and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, replacing the face of Judas as part of the politically infused ritual.