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Opposition holds Public Consultation to Reject the Upcoming ANC Elections

Last Sunday the Democratic Unity Roundtable held an informal consultation to demonstrate their rejection of the upcoming National Constituent Assembly (ANC) elections to be held on the 30th of July.  This was organized parallel to the call by the National Electoral Council for an electoral drill for the same ANC elections.

This event, was organized outside of any national or international legal framework, with a lax protocol that has made impossible the verification of the results published by the MUD and replicated by the international media. A small number of international observers, such as ex-president of Mexico, Vicente Fox and ex-president of Bolivia Jorge "Tuto" Quiroga, accused of corruption for signing irregular contracts with US transnational corporations, the lack of a clear and impartial system of control and validation of participation and votes, and the lack of any evidence of participation due to the burning of the voter registry, leave enough room for doubt as to understand that the consultation, more then a voting process, was little more a "media stunt" to rally forces and legitimized futures actions to topple the Bolivarian government.