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Venezuelan Government, Sidor Workers Sign New Collective Contract

Sidor Workers’ Trade Union (Sutiss) leaders with Minister of Industry José David Cabello (@jdavidcabello)

Workers from the state-owned steel plant Sidor in Guayana City have signed a new collective contract, Minister of Industry José David Cabello announced on Thursday. The contract ends a long-standing dispute between workers and the national government, who have spent over two years in negotiations after the last collective contract expired in 2010.

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Venezuelan Steel Plant Sidor Renews Operation

Minister of Industry José David Cabello conducted a tour of the plant with workers (El Universal)

Following the announcement of a collective workers’ contract signed at the end of last week, the Sidor steel plant in Ciudad Guyana will reopen for normal operation, several officials confirmed this afternoon.

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Amid Confusion over Announced Sidor Collective Contract Agreement, Workers Continue Protests

While Sidor Workers’ Union Secretary José Meléndez (top) announced the completion of a new collective workers’ contract, o

While representatives from both the Venezuelan government and the workers’ union at the state-owned Sidor steel plant in Ciudad Guyana announced that each side had agreed to terms for a new collective workers’ contract early Thursday morning, other union members contested that the negotiations left out key leaders, and convoked protests later in the day.

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14 Arrested and Two Injured in Confrontations between Sidor Workers and Venezuelan National Guard

The protests focused on continued delays in the negotiation of a collective workers’ contract with the national government (@C

Clashes between protesting workers at the state-owned steel plant Sidor and the Venezuelan National Guard on Monday in the southeastern city of Guyana ended with at least 14 arrests and two injuries, according to multiple sources.

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Sidor Steel Workers March to Reject Venezuelan Government’s Stance in Dispute

Workers from state owned steel plant Sidor marched through the city of Ciudad Guayana in the east of Venezuela on Monday in reje

Workers from state owned steel plant Sidor marched through the city of Ciudad Guayana in the east of Venezuela on Monday in rejection of the government’s stance in their long-running labour dispute.

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Workers in Venezuelan State Companies Demand Improved Pay & Conditions

An assembly was called in Sidor on Thursday to reject the government’s stance in the contractual dispute. Production line work

Workers in state run steel and electricity companies are demanding improved wages and conditions, and have issued criticisms over the management of their respective industries.

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Sidor, Venalum Ink New Deals Under Joint China-Venezuela Fund

Cabello announced that two CVG subsidiaries have signed new deals under the Joint China-Venezuela Fund (Sidor Press)

Venezuela's Sidor and Venalum have signed new agreements under the Joint China-Venezuela Fund, according to minister for industry José David Cabello.

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Workers End 22 Day Strike at Venezuela's Sidor

Last night's announcement ends a strike that has lasted more than three weeks, and reportedly cost the company millions of

Employees of Venezuela's largest steel producer have returned to work, after a partial resolution to a long running pay dispute was reached between the company and workers yesterday.

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Strikes Continue at Venezuela's Sidor

Sidor is one of South America's largest steel producers, but output has struggled in recent years (El Carabobeño)

Labour strikes have resumed at Venezuela's largest steel producer, just days after workers and management seemingly reached a resolution to a long-standing pay dispute.

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Venezuelan Government Aims to Revamp Industry in Bolivar State

With the appointing of new management and more funding for state manufacturing enterprises, the Venezuelan government hopes to i

The Venezuelan government appointed new management and renewed investment in the state-owned conglomerate Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) and its subsidiaries, in efforts to raise production in Venezuela's industrial sector.

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