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Which Way Out of the Venezuelan Crisis?

Hugo Chávez voting in 2007. Wilson Dias / Wikimedia

George Ciccariello-Maher argues that the only way out of the Venezuelan crisis lies decisively to the Left, namely the construction of a real socialist alternative that will emerge alongside the Maduro government if possible, but without it if necessary

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Venezuelan Revolutionaries Demand "Truly Communal State"

Venezuela has around 1500 communes nationwide. (AVN)

Thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas to demand constitutional recognition of the country's commune movement as part of the National Constituent Assembly. 

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The Chávez Hypothesis: Vicissitudes of a Strategic Project

Mural reads: "Nobody surrenders here. Commune or Nothing". (Archive)

Bolivarian University Professor Chris Gilbert argues that Hugo Chávez is the heir to Lenin's political legacy in espousing a strategic vision for transition to socialism on the basis of the commune. 

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EPSDC Proletarios Uníos, 4 years of worker control

EPSDC Proletarios Uníos, 4 years of worker control

4 years ago, in March of 2013, workers from the illegally closed Brahma beer factory, took over the installations of the plant located in Barquisimeto, in the state of Lara, Venezuela. After two years of resistance within the factory, the worker's organized with the Comuna José Pío Tamayo to create a communally owned company "Proletarios Uníos" where they have spent the last 2 years, building up a new structure of production and distribution together with popular power, that has put them in the vanguard in the struggle against the economic war and to build a new sovereign economy in the hands of the people.

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Land Occupation! Venezuelan Commune Negro Miguel Occupies Unproductive Ranch

Communards occupy the unused ranch. (Javier Escalona)

On January 4, 2017, the Venezuelan commune Negro Miguel in Lara state exercised its legal right to occupy an unproductive ranch belonging to the presumptive wife of ex-Socialist Party mayor and air force captain Luis Plazas. Find out how the communards are resisting national security forces and pushing forward their plans for the land in this video report.

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Venezuela's Communal Movement

The cover of "Building the Commune" by George Ciccariello-Maher (archives).

Stanfield Smith reviews George Ciccariello-Maher's latest book "Building the Commune," which theorises the construction of the communal state in Venezuela.

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Venezuela’s Communes Form the Front Line of a Difficult Revolutionary Struggle

Cover of the new book recently published by Verso.

Tamara Pearson reviews George Ciccariello-Maher's new book Building the Commune on Venezuela's commune movement, the largely ignored frontline of the Bolivarian experiment in radical grassroots democracy. 

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Special Report: Hunger in Venezuela? A Look Beyond the Spin

Local and national vendors sell vegetables, fruits and prepared foods at a festival in Caracas. (Christina Schiavoni)

Cristina Schiavoni and William Camacaro go in-depth to report on Venezuela and the state of its food and agricultural system.


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Venezuela: ¡Comuna o Nada!

(Vero Canno)

In the face of surging right-wing counter-revolution and bureaucratic inaction on the part of the ruling socialist government, Venezuela's communes, George Ciccarielleo-Maher argues, are the only hope for radicalizing the country's seventeen year-long Bolivarian process.

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Venezuelan National Assembly to Investigate Expropriated Land, Communes Threatened

State-owned Agropatria. (Aporrea)

After passing a motion by majority vote on Tuesday, Venezuela’s National Assembly will launch an inquiry into the expropriations of privately owned land and enterprises spearheaded by the socialist government in past years.

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