The Venezuelanalysis Podcast Episode 19: A War Without Bombs and Communal Resistance

In our latest episode, we discuss recent publications that put the spotlight on the US economic blockade and grassroots efforts to fight back.
Podcast 19 War Without Bombs and Communal Resistance
Our latest publication puts special emphasis on communal resistance. (Venezuelanalysis)

In this episode, we present to you two new books on Venezuela. First, host José Luis Granados Ceja talks to fellow VA member Cira Pascual Marquina about “A War Without Bombs: The social, political and economic impact of sanctions against Venezuela,” written and published by the Venezuelanalysis team. With the US offering Venezuela a temporary lifting of sanctions, it’s essential to understand these measures and take stock of their deadly consequences.

The second segment features Chris Gilbert, author of “Commune or Nothing! Venezuela’s Communal Movement and its Socialist Project,” a book that details and analyzes how Venezuela’s communards have plowed ahead with the construction of socialism even under the most difficult circumstances.

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