The Venezuelanalysis Podcast Episode 12: Truths and Myths on Venezuelan Migration

VA's latest podcast episode offers an in-depth look at Venezuelan migration, from the underlying causes to the media manipulation.

In this new podcast episode, we focus on a complex issue: Venezuelan migration. We look at the causes behind the exodus of millions of Venezuelans and the dishonest, politicized propaganda surrounding the issue.

While coverage of Venezuela in the mainstream media is notoriously poor, when it comes to migration it has been flatout dishonest. By deliberately distorting the matter, corporate media propaganda efforts not only serve to hide the devastating impact US policy has on people’s lives, but also helps advance imperialism’s strategic goals. It lays the blame on the economic crisis driving migration solely at the feet of the government, thus feeding narrative that the Maduro government is unable to even adequately attend to the needs of the population. The implication is that foreign intervention in the country’s affairs is urgent and necessary.

To talk about those who are attempting to profit from the challenge of Venezuelan migration, the role of US regime change efforts, and what can be done to truly attend to the needs of migrants, we speak with Daymar Martes, an anthropologist and researcher with Venezuelan human rights organization SURES.


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