The Venezuelanalysis Podcast Episode 04: Anti-imperialist Media Strikes Back

In the fourth episode of the Venezuelanalysis podcast, we delve into the anti-imperialist struggle in the media front.

Today more than ever, it is critical to support anti-imperialist media.

With recent victories by the left in Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Honduras, US Imperialism is nervous. The response by the US Department of State to these recent elections in Latin America, discrediting the first two and only reluctantly embracing the latter, is proof that neo-colonial domination over the region remains very much at the center of US foreign policy.

On today’s program, we’re going to take a look at what goes into producing anti-imperialist media that is capable of striking back against the Empire.

In the first segment, we will talk with VA’s own Andreína Chávez, staff writer at Venezuelanalysis and our social media mastermind.

We will also speak with Camila Escalante, a Latin America-based journalist who has played a key role in disseminating an anti-imperialist perspective through Kawsachun News.


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