Truth and Lies in the US Dirty War Against Venezuela

VA's Lucas Koerner joined This Is Hell to discuss current US efforts to topple the Venezuelan government and the role of international solidarity.

Yes, the Democrats oppose sanctions, but they still agree that the US needs to oust Nicolás Maduro. The Republicans go even further and put the military option on the table. So the only position that we can have is to oppose the US effort to topple this government, to oppose this threat of war, and to demand an immediate end of sanctions. It’s not our place to be pontificating about holding ‘free and fair elections’ if the objective conditions render them impossible.

Live from Caracas, political analyst Lucas Koerner reports on reality and misinformation in the US economic operations aimed at Venezuela, and explains why the global left owes the Venezuelan people solidarity against imperial aggression, and not complicity in the attacks by calling for ‘free and fair’ elections under circumstances made impossible by their own governments.