Loud and Clear: US Threatens to Include Venezuela in Terrorism Sponsors List

Such a move would be purely political and not backed by any evidence, VA's Jeanette Charles argues.

VA’s solidarity liaison Jeanette Charles joined Brian Becker and John Kiriakou on Radio Sputnik’s “Loud and Clear” to talk about the US reportedly considering including Venezuela in its list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Jeanette and the hosts agreed that such a move would be purely political, as is the list itself, and that allegations of links between the Venezuelan government and terrorist organizations have been floated repeatedly but never backed by any evidence. The discussion also examined how this renewed escalation could be a prelude for further sanctions or even potential military action against Venezuela.

Jeanette also highlighted how sanctions have had a crippling effect on the ailing Venezuelan economy, and how grassroots organizations are working to create solutions.

“It’s definitely a challenging time but also an exciting one for grassroots movements, who are moving to radicalize the Revolution,” Jeanette concluded when asked to assess the current situation. “There is so much happening that unfortunately corporate media does not want to show,” she added.