Venezuelans Hold Rally in Support of Palestine’s Bid for Seat at UN

Venezuelan social activists staged a rally this Saturday in support of Palestine’s recent bid for statehood at the United Nations (UN).


Puerto Ordaz, September 25th 2011 ( – Venezuelan social activists staged a rally this Saturday in support of Palestine’s recent bid for statehood at the United Nations (UN). Both Venezuelan nationals and the country’s Palestinian community gathered outside the UN headquarters in Caracas to “request, as a people, the just, legitimate and urgent recognition of the Palestinian people”.

The rally was convened in order to coincide with a speech given at the UN General Assembly in New York by Palestinian president, Mahmud Abbas – who submitted an official request for recognition of the Palestinian state along its pre 1967 borders and its integration into the UN on the same day.

“The people of Venezuela are among the populations that has most supported this cause. The Venezuelan people are revolutionary. With the resolve of this people and their president [Hugo Chávez], we will always have the hope of a free state,” said one of the participants.

Activists had decorated cars with Palestinian flags and waved banners with messages of solidarity for the people of Palestine, loudspeakers had also been set up so that participants could listen to Abbas’ speech.

“This rally is not just so that they recognise Palestine – Palestine exists! And it was occupied years ago by Israeli forces and violated by the government of the United States. We are sick of wars and that the riches of our country are exploited by capitalist countries” commented Hindu Anderi, International Coordinator of Popular Participation and Palestinian activist.

Earlier in the day, the Venezuelan parliament also held an event in solidarity with the Palestinian bid, attended by various representatives of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and Palestinian ambassador to Venezuela, Farid Suwwam.

“The correlation of forces still works in favour of the imperialists in many respects, but there is an awakening of the people, who are taking the political and diplomatic initiative,” said Fernando Soto, president of Venezuela’s National Assembly.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez sent a letter to the Secretary General of the UN last week advocating the recognition of the Palestinian state and denouncing the crimes committed against the Palestinian people in the name of Zionism. ALBA countries, (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America) such as Ecuador and Bolivia have also been active in their support of the Palestinians’ bid.

Although the 15 member UN Security Council is expected to begin a debate on the Palestinian request as of tomorrow, Israel has warned of “tough repercussions” should the bid be successful and the UK’s Telegraph reports that U.S. president, Barack Obama, has vowed to veto the request.

According to regional news source teleSUR, similar marches in support of Palestine’s request were also staged in Managua and Buenos Aires, where the event was attended by over 500 people.