Chavez warns that “Bolivia is on the verge of exploding”

Caracas – The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, warned that "Bolivia is on the verge of exploding" and admitted that it was the principal reason behind the convoking of an extraordinary summit of the Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (ALBA).

"It is the empire that wants Bolivia to explode. It is the fascist right who do not want dialogue or anything. They only want war in order to kick out president (Evo) Morales", said Chavez in a telephone call to the program Dando y Dando, on Venezolana de Televisión.

The head of state accused the "empire" of wanting to repeat in Bolivia the same format used in Venezuela five years ago with the cooperation of local factors. "This is the crazy idea of fascism, of the extreme right, wiped up by the murderous hand of the empire one more time".

Nevertheless, Chavez hopes that the extraordinary ALBA summit could be useful for Bolivia. "We are acting in order to try and avoid, from outside and with much modesty, what for many people seems inevitable at this stage of the game."

He informed that the Cuban vice president, Carlos Lage is already in Venezuela to participate in the meeting; whilst the heads of state of Bolivia, Evo Morales and Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, will arrive in the next few hours.

Translated from El Universal