President Chavez rejects anarchical attitudes of groups that say they identify with the revolution

27 Feb. ABN.- On Wednesday President of
the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, rejected the
anarchical attitudes of some groups that say they identify with the revolution.

a telephone call to the program La Hojilla (the Razorblade), transmitted by
VTV, he referred to the repeated denunciations without foundation by Deputy
Luis Tascon, the occupation of the installations of the Episcopal Conference headed by Lina Ron and to the constant manifestations in front of the offices of TV
channel Globovision.

chief of state said that Tascon has had very strange
conduct for a while in relation to the repeated denunciations without foundation made by
the deputy.

specified that Tascon's attitude shows great revolutionary indiscipline, which
is why, Chavez said he had decided to solicit his expulsion from the United Socialist
Party of Venezuela (PSUV); "because we cannot begin the party like this, with
so much indiscipline and irresponsibility," he emphasised.

Denunciations should
be made with proof Chavez stressed, and asked Tascon to present them, as he said he had
asked on previous occasions.

He indicated that
criticisms are necessary, but that it is necessary to make them in a
responsible manner.

On the occupation of
the Episcopal center in Caracas lead by Lina Ron, Chavez said he did not
understand her and indicated that he had no doubt that she was infiltrated by
groups interested in portraying the Bolivarian revolution as violent.

don't believe that she is mixing with revolutionary ranks," said the head of

In this sense, he
referred to the damage that the ultra-left did to Salvador
Allende (Chile), who, infiltrated by the CIA, gave excuses to the rightwing to
overthrow the government.

He made a call to Ron to have a minimum of
revolutionary discipline and warned that these violent attitudes aim to
overshadow the successes of the government and present it as violent.

Translated by Kiraz Janicke

Source: ABN