Presidential management of Chavez is positive for 67.3% of Venezuelans

Caracas, 27 Feb. ABN.- The management of
Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez Frías, is viewed in a positive manner by
67.3% of Venezuelans in a poll carried out by the Venezuelan Data Institute
(IVAD) and published in daily newspaper Panarama.

indicated that 54.3% of Venezuelans consider that the situation in the country
has improved. This percentage is higher than last years results in the same
poll of 41%

At the same time, despite the fact that 53.7% of
Venezuelans categorize food scarcity as a grave problem, 53% of those
consulted beleive that the situation will improve.

Meanwhile, insecurity continues being the biggest
problem for 72.1% of Venezuelans, despite the fact that this has decreased 9.3%
in relation to the same poll last year, which gave a figure of 81.4%.

The missions continue leading with the highest levels of
approval, with 73.1% in the face of 15% who oppose them.

The poll was carried out nation wide, from the 8-20 of
February 2008, and has a 90% accuracy rating.