Campaigners rally against ExxonMobil

SOLIDARITY campaigners protested in central London on Wednesday night
against ExxonMobil's successful attempt to freeze Venezuelan assets as
part of a compensation dispute.

After gathering outside an office block owned by the oil giant's
British subsidiary Esso, the 20-plus protesters marched to the Royal
Courts of Justice, where ExxonMobil had been granted the assets freeze
and where the case was to be continued on the following Friday and

ExxonMobil has launched a $36 billion (£18.5bn) lawsuit against
Venezuela and has won court orders in Britain, the Netherlands and the
US to freeze up to $12 billion (£6.1bn) of assets. Venezuela has
responded by stopping oil sales to the company, accusing it of
"judicial terrorism" and acting as "a spearhead for imperialism."

A spokesman for Hands Off Venezuela, which organised the protest,
called ExxonMobil's position "provocative and dangerous" and added that
"it's common knowledge that Exxon is the power behind George Bush, who
has made overthrowing Hugo Chavez his top priority before leaving

The spokesman promised that the campaign "will continue to put pressure
on ExxonMobil and the British courts to end this legal circus and send
a message to the company that it's time to get its hands off
Venezuela's oil."

Source: Hands Off Venezuela