Venezuela Makes Space Agency Official

Caracas, Oct 28 (Prensa Latina) After
making its Bolivarian Space Activity Agency official recently,
Venezuela heads for launching its satellite Simon Bolivar from Chinese

The agency was officially established by the publication of
the Executive Decree 357.593 in the Official Gazzette on October 25,
with its main goal of putting the satellite into orbit by August 2008.

The satellite will be operated by Venezuelan experts but,
due to lack of needed infrastructure, it will be launched from China,
which won the investment worth $240 million by offering technology

The agreement will allow Venezuela to operate the satellite,
as well as design and make operational two other satellites in the

The Simon Bolivar satellite boasts a completely digital technology and weights 5.1 tons.

It is not only expected to benefit Venezuela, as it might be
connected to other countries including Cuba, the Dominican Republic,
Haiti, Jamaica, as well as Central and South America, except
southernmost Chile and Argentina.

The new agency will regulate and coordinate Venezuelan space
activities to secure and serve the interests of the country"s economic,
political, social, and cultural development.

Source: Prensa Latina