Venezuela Denounces Terrorist Attack On PDVSA

The attack ocurred against the pumping station Orinoco 50 of PDVSA in Monagas state.


The Venezuelan Minister of Popular Power of Oil and President of state-owned company oil company PDVSA, Manuel Quevedo, has denounced an attack against the pumping station Orinoco 50 of PDVSA in Monagas state.

“Yesterday we listened to the war allocation by the U.S. President, and his call to violence, and now we start to see that violence and terrorist attacks,” stated Minister Quevedo on Tuesday. “The act of sabotage did not result in human losses or injuries of any kind,” he went on to say.

According to the minister, this attack aims to cut the Venezuelan exportation of oil. The resources that come from these exports “is what Venezuela uses to buy food, to buy medicine. This is an attack against our Venezuelan people.” The aim is that PDVSA does not has access to resources, and to block further the South American country.

The Right-wing in Venezuela which, according to the minister, is behind the attacks, has “lost all speech, they have no political project and that is why they recurred to violence, led by the U.S. government who has taken their masks off and pretend to lead us to a war among equals.”

The minister called upon all Venezuelans to be united against intervention in favor of peace. “Don’t get fooled, what they want is destruction, the destruction that we see now. Under the excuse of the ‘reconstruction’ they want to get our resources.”