Maduro: Trump Advisor John Bolton Behind Assassination Plot

The Venezuelan president accused the United States of involvement in a recent assassination attempt.


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave a press conference to international media Wednesday where he hailed the success of the Venezuelan municipal elections, while also accusing the United States of plotting to kill him. Specifically, he pointed the finger at John Bolton, President Trump’s national security advisor, who he said was coordinating efforts to topple his government.

“Mr. John Bolton has been assigned, once again, as the chief of a plot to fill Venezuela with violence and to seek a foreign military intervention,” Maduro told journalists, adding that Bolton was coordinating the training of mercenaries in military bases in Colombia and the United States.

“It always seemed to me that it was appropriate for local leaders – in a true democracy – to be elected for those powers,” Maduro said as he kicked off his press conference. “The Bolivarian movement, founded by Commander Hugo Chávez, is strong. We leave the mobilization campaign to the local leaders, who are every day in the streets working and living with the people.”

“We have obtained almost 90 percent of the positions [local councillors], and the forces of the Great Patriotic Pole altogether have obtained 75 percent of the vote. This can not be left aside.”

He went on to accuse the United States of being behind the attempt on his life back in August, in which two explosive-laden drones exploded close to the presidential stage during a public speech, claiming that Washington continues to plot against him and his government.

Maduro said there is a plan encouraged by John Bolton to train mercenary forces that will execute “false positive” attacks against military forces at the border, to confuse public opinion and justify an attack on Venezuela.

The Venezuelan president also warned against military provocations coming from Brazil at Venezuela’s southern border. President-elect Jair Bolsonaro’s vice-president, retired General Hamilton Mourao, had previously stated that “there will be a coup in Venezuela” and that Brazil would lead a “force for peace.”

“These declarations are crazy,” Maduro stated. “Do you think this country has nobody who will defend it? We will give a lesson of strength and dignity to all right-wing madmen” he exclaimed, before stressing that Venezuela’s relationship with Brazil is destined to be based on peace and cooperation.

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