Venezuelan Government Guarantees Food for the Holidays

The Venezuelan government confirmed the arrival of 700 containers worth of goods for the December holidays with a further 900 more on the way. 

Caracas, Nov. 3, 2016 ( – Vice-President for Economy Carlos Faría confirmed Wednesday the arrival of 700 containers with goods for the December holidays. He indicated that 900 more containers will arrive in the coming days to La Guaira Port, Vargas state. 
Faría detailed that the majority of the containers carry food such as olives used in the Venezuelan traditional Christmas dish, the hallaca. The vice-president also mentioned grapes, nuts, capers and toys were among the containers’ belongings. 
“This is an economy that is directed in attention to our people,” he expressed. The recent delivery of goods to the South American country is part of the Great Sovereign Supply Mission focused on providing food and other goods to the Venezuelan people. 
Faría emphasized that in 17 years the Bolivarian Revolution has secured all the means for holiday celebrations. “We will not allow that this year be any different,” he said. 
While the 1,600 containers specified are destined for La Guaira, there are also plans to receive imports in Puerto Cabello in Valencia, Maracaibo in Zulia, and Guanta in Anzaoteguí. 
Meanwhile, Nutrition Minister Rodolfo Marcos Torres announced on national radio that tens of thousands of tons of wheat will reach Venezuela through January 2017 to guarantee bread production across the country’s bakeries. The wheat will also be used to process pasta among other goods. 
“Sixty thousand tons are secured for this month and another shipment will arrive covering 100% of [the country’s] pasta needs for November,” he expressed. 
Moreover, Torres confirmed that the country has produced enough white and yellow corn through March 2017 in addition to 30,000 tons of sugar. “We have three shipments of sugar moored with 890,000 tons more that should arrive throughout December,” Torres informed.