Venezuela to Restructure National Police Force, Maduro Announces New Mission for Authorities

President Nicolás Maduro announced plans to restructure the National Bolivarian Police Force and a new social mission focused on authorities and their families.


Caracas, September 7th 2016 ( – President Nicolás Maduro announced plans Wednesday to restructure the National Bolivarian Police Force (PNB) along with a new social mission dedicated to specialize attention for authorities and their families. The restructuring will address inefficiency and looks to build strategies to address issues of security in Venezuela, stressed President Maduro.

“The police is for the people just like the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) is for the Republic. They have a very difficult task,” said Maduro.

The President announced that the restructuring will include a revision of operative plans, integration with other security forces as well as a strategic development plan.

“I have requested that Minister [of Domestic Affairs Néstor] Reverol present me with a plan in 30 days to take on the original police system program,” expressed Maduro, referring to plans outlined by former President Hugo Chávez for restructuring the PNB. These initial plans focused on “scientific preparation and professionalism” among other areas.

Maduro’s comments were part of an official ceremony celebrating the graduation of 2,196 cadets at the Experimental Security University (UNES). The UNES provides a specialized curriculum focused on social justice and inclusion meant to take apart historically oppressive patterns within the Venezuelan police forces.  

“What is the effectiveness of the National Police?” questioned Maduro on national television and radio. “Sometimes because there is no plan, we wear [the police] out on the streets,” he criticized.

The Great Social Mission, Guarantors of Peace, will provide specialized programming and attention for police authorities and their families. The mission will include programs for authorities and their families in health, education and housing. Maduro assured that the government will designate an annual housing quota for police officers and their families.

Maduro also increased officials salaries by 50 per cent. The salary increase parallely includes the Scientific, Penal and Criminalistic Investigative Body (Cicpc), firefighters and authorities working in prisons.

In addition, Maduro approved government spending of $25 million for police vests, vehicles and armament.