Venezuela to Host Pre-Cop Environmentalist Gathering Ahead of Lima

Claudia Salemo, the Venezuelan government’s climate change negotiator, has briefed delegates at a climate change conference in Bonn, Germany, on preparations for the “Social Climate Change Pre- COP’ scheduled to be held in her country ahead of COP 20 taking place in December 2014 in Lima, Peru.


Ms Salemo said that Venezuela was committed to bringing civil society closer to governments involved in climate negotiations and would be supporting the attendance of NGOs at the Pre-COP (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) fathering.

Ms Salemo said it had been decided that the Pre-COP meeting will take place between 4 and 7 November so as not to clash with another round of climate meetings scheduled in Bonn, Germany in October.

In preparation for the November meetings, between 15 and 18 July Venezuela will host an event with local governments, followed by a youth day on the same topic, ‘The Future Takes the Floor’, and two days on the issue of sustainable living.

Some of the ideas and outcomes of these July meetings will be submitted to the UN in New York as part of the process toward developing a set of Sustainable Development Goals in 2015.

Those ideas and proposals more firmly anchored in climate change will be brought forward to the Pre-COP gathering which will commence with two days of debate and agreements among social organizations and movements from across the globe, on 4 and 5 November.

November 6 will bring key speakers from these social organizations in a direct discussion with government ministers, followed by a ministerial and closing ceremony on 7 November.

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Source: UNFCCC