Green Left Report #13: Hugo Chavez and the future of the Bolivarian Revolution

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The Venezuelan people have made clear that, despite the tragic death of their revolutionary president Hugo Chavez, they will continue the revolution, and build ‘socialism in the 21st century’.

This show discusses Chavez’s legacy in Venezuela, Latin America and globally, why he was despised by western governments, and future prospects for the Bolivarian revolution.

Special panel guests include:

* Dr Arelis Sumabila, a Venezuelan who worked with Chavez and helped establish the indigenous University of Venezuela;

* Federico Fuentes, a member of the Venezuelan Analysis.com editorial collective who has helped lead Australia Venezuela solidarity brigades and reported for Green Left Weekly from Venezuela from 2007 to 2010 and

* Rodrigo Acuna is a PhD candidate in International Studies at Macquarie University, who writes regularly on Latin American affairs in the Australian press and has been interviewed for ABC and SBS Radio.

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