Progressive British Rapper Lowkey Interviewed by Telesur


On 5 December progressive British rapper Lowkey was interviewed on Latin American news channel Telesur after he had visited Caracas, Venezuela in the context of the CELAC summit , held on 2 and 3 December. The summit formed a new regional bloc consisting of every country in the Western hemisphere apart from the US and Canada.

In the video he gives his impressions of the summit and the differences in democracy in Venezuela and Britain. He finishes by giving an example of one of his political raps (starting from 4.49). The two lead-ins the program host states before Lowkey gives his thoughts are:

(0.48) Host: Lowkey was in Caracas, here he gives is his impressions…

(2.25)  Host: We also conversed about what he thinks about the relation between democracy and freedom of expression…