Constellation Chávez: Five Guiding Ideas

An infographic highlighting some of Chávez’s key ideas to commemorate his life and the first chapter of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuelan revolutionary leader Hugo Chávez passed away 10 years ago, on March 5, 2013. Throughout the day we will publish content on the former president’s legacy, both on the website and social media.

Hugo Chávez was born in the small town of Sabaneta on July 28, 1954. Often remembered as a man of action and long speeches, Chávez was in fact a great strategist, a tremendous pedagogue and a creative thinker.

In this infographic, we highlight five of his guiding ideas: participative and protagonistic democracy, Bolivarianism and the “Patria Grande,” anti-imperialism, socialism, and the communal future.

(To download the full infographic, click here)