Venezuelan ‘Mega-elections’: Results Breakdown

Our latest infographic offers a detailed look at the recent Venezuelan regional and local elections, as well as their implications.

On November 21, Venezuela held “mega-elections” to elect governors, mayors, regional legislators and local councilors. The US-backed hardline opposition returned to the ballot after years of boycotts, but its results were underwhelming. Chavista forces secured huge majorities, winning 19 of 23 governorships and 212 of 335 mayoralties.

In this infographic, we break down the electoral results and put them in perspective compared to past contests. We also examine the current political landscape and look ahead to future races.

Note: The Barinas gubernatorial race was held again on January 9, 2022 after the Supreme Court annulled the original contest. The opposition won the governorship.

(Follow this link to download the full infographic)