Carnaval and anti-bullfighting marches:

It's carnaval time, which is seeing Venezuela enter the colourful contradiction of tradition, celebration, costume parades, nationalism and internationalism, bullfights, and counter bullfight culture and marches, rest, drunkeness, and many small children dressed as Bolivar.


In the city of Merida, where the bullfights take place, and on average 8 bulls are killed infront of a live audience, around 15 community and animal rights groups marched last week to demand a referendum on the activity. Merida and other cities and towns around the country also held costume parades. Tomorrow, school resumes and most holiday takers will return to work.

Carnaval is a Christian, or especially a Catholic, tradition which occurs immediately before Lent. In Venezuela, waterfighting in the street is a particular activity during Carnaval time.