Chavista March on Venezuelan Youth Day

Spearheaded by youth organizations, Chavistas marched in Caracas to commemorate Youth Day and reject foreign intervention.

Venezuelans commemorated National Youth Day on Tuesday, February 12. The date is set on the anniversary of the battle of La Victoria, in which independence hero Jose Felix Ribas led a force made up mostly of college and seminar students to victory against royalist troops.

Both anti- and pro-government ralles were held in Caracas, the former in the middle-class east side and the latter in the center.

Several Venezuelan youth organizations were present at the Chavista march, including groups from other states. Chief among them was the youth wing of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). The march went along Caracas’ Av. Universidad and ended in the Plaza Bolivar. The march ended up being too large to fit in the old colonial square, with only very few participants staying to witness President Maduro’s televised address.

This years march was held in the context of increased international aggression against the country, with US President Donald Trump and Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido recently refusing to rule out direct military action in the country to achieve regime change. Youth marchers reaffirmed their commitment to defend the Bolivarian Revolution against any foreign aggression, while seasoned political leaders also highlighted the role of the youth in the current context.