Memorial gathering: Hugo Chavez, “those who die for life, cannot be called dead”.

Saturday, March 16
Socialist Alliance initiated a candlelight farewell to Chavez on Thursday, March 7 in the evening. Around 70 people from Socialist Alliance, Lasnet, Maritime Union, FMLN, Chilean Communist Party, Lebanese Communist Party, Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network, Latin America Social Forum, Socialist Alternative, Revolutionary Socialist Party and the Communist Party and individuals from the Guatemalan, Colombian, and Iranian communities particpated. We are organising a memorial meeting next Saturday. Speakers, music, poetry, film footage. Food and drinks available. If you would like to help organise this event, contact us on 9639 8622. 
Speeches, music, drinks & food available. 7:00pm. MUA Hall, 45-54 Ireland st, West Melbourne (near North Melbourne station). Initiated by Socialist Alliance. Other groups invited to endorse and participate. For more info ph 9639 8622 or 0438 869 790.