Celebrating the advances for Black communities in the new Venezuela

Eyewitness reports of the recent
re-election of Hugo Chávez from:
Diane Abbott MP
and Doreen Lawrence
Monday 22 October
7.30pm, Bolivar Hall
54–56 Grafton Way
London W1T 5DL

Others speakers include:
Ambassador Samuel Moncada,
former Higher Education Minister
Luke Daniels
Caribbean Labour Solidarity
Aaron Kiely
NUS Black Students’ Officer

To mark Black History Month, the NUS Black Students Campaign and Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, supported by the Venezuelan Embassy in London, are hosting this meeting looking at how the social progress in Venezuela under the government of Hugo Chávez has benefited the Black communities in Venezuela and the wider Caribbean.
It will include a celebration of Afro-Venezuelan culture, including live percussion and the showing of a photo exhibition on Venezuela’s Black communities