Class, Conflict and Revolution in Venezuela: Is the Bolivarian Revolution Moving Towards Socialism?

The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network (Sydney) invites you to a special public forum 
Class, Conflict and Revolution in Venezuela: 
Is the Bolivarian Revolution Moving Towards Socialism? 
with guest speaker from Venezuela 
Dr Steve Ellner 

Steve Ellner is a researcher, writer and lecturer at the Universidad de Oriente in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. He also teaches in the Chavez government’s university based Mission Sucre. Dr Ellner’sbooks include: Rethinking Venezuelan Politics: Class, Polarization and the Chávez Phenomenon;Venezuela’s Movimiento al Socialismo: From Guerrilla Defeat to Electoral Politics; and Organized Labor in Venezuela, l958-l991: Behaviour and Concerns in a Democratic Setting

At this public meeting, Dr Ellner will speak about recent developments and trends in Venezuela’ politics, economy and the labour movement, and their impact on the Bolivarian revolution. 

6.30pm, Tuesday August 9th 
The Activist Centre 
22 Mountain St, Ultimo 
(off Broadway, 5 minutes walk from Central Station) 
All welcome
For more information, contact Fred 0412 556 527, Roberto 0425 182 994 or Lisa 0413 031 108